‘Luther’ Season 3 Announcement Trailer; Production Begins This Month

Luther Series 3 Announcement Idris Elba Ruth Wilson

There has been heated debate about actor Idris Elba taking over the role of James Bond in recent weeks - but today we have just good news regarding the actor.

Fans of  Elba and BBC One’s dread-soaked crime procedural Luther have reason to rejoice: After some months of speculation and grinning hints from Elba himself, the network has officially confirmed that DCI John Luther will soon return to London’s grimy underbelly for season 3.

Yesterday, BBC One posted a video announcing that the new series (the UK term for TV seasons) of Luther will begin shooting later this month. Though the announcement does not set an absolute release date, it’s safe to assume that the four “perfectly dark, chillingly-formed” (gotta love that over-the-top pulp spirit) new episodes will air sometime in 2013.

Luther follows the life and unsettling adventures of Detective Constable Inspector John Luther, a brilliant (and slightly unhinged) London homicide cop. Over the course of two previous seasons, Luther has solved many a deranged murder case while repeatedly failing to cope with his own personal demons. Only through his steel-trap mind, knack for choosing the right friends, and sheer determination has Luther managed to avoid discharge and death. Now it looks like he’s about to start the whole gut-churning cycle over again.

Of course, a simple teaser video without a single shot to back it up leaves us with an overwhelming question-to-answer ratio. For instance, the first two seasons took rather different approaches to their narrative structure. Will season 3 copy an earlier season, or take off in an entirely new direction?

Luther Series 3 Announcement Idris Elba Ruth Wilson

The video asks, “Will Alice return?” followed by the coy response, “Only Alice knows.” One of Luther’s real pleasures is watching DCI Luther matching wits with ultra-genius sociopath Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson, of the upcoming The Lone Ranger), whom he holds in equal parts fascination and disgust. Without that dynamic, Luther will lack one of its most lively and propulsive dynamics. As such, Alice’s return (even as a bit part) is all but guaranteed.

If you’re a fan of noir, crime dramas, or police procedurals, you owe it to yourself to give Luther a watch - both of the aired seasons are streaming on Netflix. It’s not a perfect series by any measure – its melodrama can often feel treacly and some of the cases veer into cartoonish pulp that clashes sharply with the show’s more realistic moments. All that said, Luther delivers some of the darkest and most electrifying thrills of any crime series on TV.

If you want to know why so many people want Idris Elba to step into the tuxedo of 007, Luther is the first stop on your journey to understanding. His depiction of a man who is simultaneously tough as nails and emotionally damaged is captivating – even when it’s shoved into moments that wouldn’t be out of place in an episode of CSI. Needless to say, it's quite exciting that DCI Luther will once again be stalking about the edges of crime scenes, quoting David Bowie and making one too many moral compromises.

While Luther season 3 has no announced air date, it seems likely that it will be released in 2013.

Source: BBC One (via Entertainment Weekly)

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