Luther Season 5 Trailer: Idris Elba’s Gritty Detective Gets Back To Work

Idris Elba Luther Season 4

A dreamy cover of Britany Spears’s ‘Toxic’ punctuates the full trailer for season 5 of BBC’s gritty cop drama Luther. Starring the reigning ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ Idris Elba, the series is back for a fifth go-round despite airing what was believed to have been its final episodes back in 2015. But, as it turns out, creator Neil Cross and Elba just can’t quit the intense inspector and they’ve cooked up yet another series of brutal crimes for the character to obsess over as he pursues a suspect with little regard for the rules. 

The edgy cop drama has been around since 2010 and introduced many viewers to a new side of the man who was, up until that time, largely thought of as Stringer Bell. It also proved that Elba had what it takes to not only lead his own series, but make it wildly successful as well. Luther also capitalized on the popular antihero and difficult men trend television at the time, though the series mitigated that somewhat with the character of Alice Morgan, a psychopath who shared a strange bond with DCI Luther, played by Ruth Wilson. 

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Season 4 of Luther placed Wilson’s character on the IR — that is, it killed her, off screen, making her demise easily undone, if need be — and as the new trailer suggests with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it glimpse, Alice Morgan may yet have a part to play in the story of John Luther. As to what else that story may entail, well, you’ll just have to look and see for yourself. Check out the trailer below: 

The rest of the trailer trods familiar territory. By now, viewers should expect that Luther will be up against a particularly nasty brand of villain, one with a gruesome calling card or methodology that will make them the ideal adversary for the inspector. This, too, has become something of a calling card for Cross, who specializes in brutal, bleak stories that don’t always lead to happy endings. That was certainly the case for with his ultra-dreary end-of-the-world series Hard Sun, and it looks to be the case here, too. 

Still, for fans of the series, the unrelenting bleakness is part of the appeal. And though season 5 looks as if it is trying to outdo its predecessors, as far as gloom is concerned, Elba's presence and undeniable charisma help assuage concerns it will turn out like Hard Sun.

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Luther season 5 will premiere in 2019.

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