Luther One-Night Special Images, Synopsis, & Premiere Date Revealed

Luther Season 4 Special Episode Idris Elba

Fans of Luther have been patiently waiting for the return of Detective Chief Inspector John Luther for over two years. Promises of a fourth season came, but the release date of the two-episode season kept being pushed back. Now, BBC America has revealed that instead of a fourth season in 2015 we'll be getting a one-night special extended episode.

Following the events of the first three seasons, the new episode will open with Luther taking a leave of absence from the police force and seeking solitude in a rundown cabin. An air date for the movie-length episode was also revealed: December 17 at 9/8 central.

According to the BBC America synopsis, Luther is drawn back by a twisted killer who is not only murdering his victims but also eating parts of each body. Chased by the ghosts of his past, Luther will have to find the cannibalistic killer before more victims are added to the menu.

Originally planned as the aforementioned two-episode miniseries, the new single-night event combines the two planned episodes - and reportedly clocks in at almost three hours in length. Bringing back several Luther supporting characters, the special also features BBC stars including George Cornelius, John Heffernan, and Laura Haddock. The episode is written by series creator Neil Cross and directed by Sam Miller.

Check out the full synopsis below (followed by a new image from the episode - featuring Game of Thrones' Rose Leslie):

Detective Chief Inspector John Luther (Elba) will learn the hard way; he may never be able to walk away from capturing the tormented psychopaths that lurk the streets of London. His attempt to leave the darker side of humanity behind for a chance at a “normal” life is quickly thwarted when he’s drawn into a terrifyingly complex case. A cannibalistic serial killer delivers a devastating blow that not only pulls him out of seclusion but pushes him closer to the edge than he’s ever been.

What's been revealed by BBC America so far seems like a pretty natural progression for Luther, and should go over well with fans. The killer in question is suitably twisted, and only Luther's unique blend of genius and insanity can figure out the pattern this psycho is leaving behind. The extended length of the special will also allow for a more immersive experience and development - without having to establish ending points for multiple episodes.

There are likely some fans who are annoyed at receiving a single episode (albeit a long one) instead of a multi-episode season, of course. For those fans, there's always hope that a full season might be announced at some point after the special airs. Even if one isn't, the length and quality of the episode will hopefully make up for the lack of a proper season.

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The Luther one-night special event airs on December 17, 2015.

Source: BBC America

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