Lupita Nyong'o Joins Black Panther Challenge For Kenyan Children

Lupita Nyong'o as Nakia in Black Panther

Lupita Nyong'o is the latest celebrity to help underprivileged kids see Black Panther. Marvel's first film of 2018 has been a runaway success, even by the standards of the MCU. While the studio has yet to have a film bomb, Black Panther has far outstripped expectations by becoming a cultural phenomenon. Black Panther beat Wizard of Oz as Rotten Tomatoes' highest-rated film of all time, and audiences and critics alike can't stop raving about it on social media and in articles.

On top of all the cultural clout, Black Panther keeps breaking records at the box office. The film gave the MCU their second best opening yet and Black Panther has dominated the February box office and even won certain days of the week. At this rate, it might soon be one of the most successful blockbusters of all time. Unfortunately, not everyone excited about the movie has the means to see it. From steep ticket prices to transportation issues to a lack of nearby theaters, many young fans are eager to see Black Panther but without the capital to do so. Luckily, Frederick Joseph started the #BlackPantherChallenge to encourage people to donate to those very children. Now, one of the film's stars has stepped in.

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Lupita Nyong'o has joined in the #BlackPantherChallenge, tweeting out her support for the cause and sharing how she's sending kids from her own town in Kenya to see the movie.

Born to Kenyan parents who fled to Mexico to escape political turmoil, Nyong'o was born in Mexico before her family moved back home when she was one. She bounced between both countries throughout her life, which helped to inform her outlook on the world. Many of Black Panther's stars hail from African countries, making the film's representation even more important to young film fans who rarely see themselves on screen. Thanks to Nyong'o and others, though, that's slowly changing.

Nyong'o isn't the only Marvel star helping with the cause. Captain Marvel star Brie Larson praised Black Panther and has been using her social media following to help get tickets purchased for kids and families unable to see the film. Though most comic movies wouldn't merit this level of response, Black Panther has made it clear how important it is to people of color to see themselves in the types of media they consume. When it comes to young kids, Black Panther is especially important as it gives them heroes and role models to look up to—from the wise T'Challa to the genius Shuri to the benevolent Nakia.

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