There's An Official Recipe For Luke Skywalker's Tasty Green Milkshake

Star Wars The Last Jedi Thala Siren

Those seeking the recipe for Luke Skywalker's green milkshake from Star Wars: The Last Jedi are, surprisingly, in luck. The Last Jedi may be one of the most divisive films in the Star Wars franchise, but that doesn't mean that fans aren't still obsessing over every tiny detail of it! The Last Jedi changed a lot of things in the Star Wars universe, and one thing that it added was a whole host of new creatures. From the adorable Porgs that took the world by storm, to the wild racing Fathiers of Canto Bright, to the glittering Vulptex, The Last Jedi was brimming with new critters for fans to love.

Slightly less lovable, of course, are the Thala-Sirens of Ahch-To. These marine mammals are peaceable enough, and as Rey (Daisy Ridley) follows Luke (Mark Hamill) around the island, trying to convince him to help her, she is charmed by them at first. However, that quickly turns to disgust when Luke milks this blubbery critter, drinking deeply of the bright green liquid the Thala-Siren produces. However, if your reaction to the scene wasn't disgust, but interest, you can now make your very own Star-Wars-sanctioned Thala-Siren milkshakes!

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A recipe for the milkshakes was published on today, courtesy of food blogger and Star Wars fan Jenn Fujikawa. The simple recipe involves making green ice cream, then blending it with milk to make the shake. Garnish and glass decorations are also suggested, with the glasses (or mason jars) dipped in melted white chocolate and silver sanding sugar, then topped with whipped cream.

Thala Siren Milkshake Star Wars The Last Jedi

It's an incredibly simple recipe, which is fantastic for fans who aren't too talented in the kitchen. While making ice cream (from scratch!) sounds daunting, it's actually very straightforward; just mix cream, milk, sugar and extracts, and freeze. The green color comes from food dye, and doesn't affect the flavor at all, making these shakes a sweet, vanilla-ice-cream treat.

Because this is so simple, there are also plenty of ways to alter the Star Wars shake to make it your own. Fans who want to mix it up with other flavors would be able to as well, just by adding different flavors of extract to the shake... although we're not sure what Thala-Siren milk would actually taste like (and don't want to ask!). Truly lazy fans can also just mix up a shake with pre-made ice cream and a little green food dye, or fans with lactose allergies can use lactose-free ice cream and milk to get the same effect.

Obviously, this is just a little bit of fun for Star Wars fans, and the real appeal is in the connection to the movie and the presentation of the drink. However, it's a great idea for any super-fan already planning a Star Wars: The Last Jedi DVD release party... if you can stomach drinking this sweet green shake while watching Luke milk a Thala-Siren on the screen!

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