Luke Hemsworth Teases Westworld Season 2 Return

Westworld supporting player Luke Hemsworth offers some hints toward what viewers can expect in season 2 of the hit HBO original series.

Luke Hemsworth in Westworld

Fans of the HBO series Westworld are in for some firsthand news about the return of the critically acclaimed science-fiction series by way of featured performer Luke Hemsworth. Based on the 1973 film written and directed by Michael Crichton, the all-new television series took the world by storm as an alternative and presumptive successor to the likes of fellow network heavyweight Game of Thrones.

After the season 1 finale, many viewers of Westworld are no doubt excited for a second season hinted to feature the previously teased Samurai World, a move to a more unified timeline, and a more evolved Dolores as portrayed by Evan Rachel Wood. Given the fact that season 1 ranked among the most watched shows of 2016, it should come as no surprise that audiences are excited for any news about the show's return -- and the latest word from one returning supporting player promises just that.

In a recent interview conducted by The Huffington Post, Luke Hemsworth -- who portrayed Stubbs in season 1 -- was quick to assure fans that his Westworld character will return for season 2 on HBO after disappearing under troubling circumstances near the season's end, saying, "Physically? [Stubbs is] well. He’s doing all right. Just taking a sabbatical."

Evan Rachel Wood and Jimmi Simpson in Westworld

Furthermore, Hemsworth shed some light on the direction in which the hit series will take next, stating:

"It’s gotta be a step up, doesn’t it? So it’s gotta get more complex. If there’s any room for production values to get bigger - I don’t know how they’d do that - but I’m sure it will."

Based on what Hemsworth had to say, things are definitely going to get more interesting with season 2 of Westworld, and with any luck the thematic size of the production will reflect a growth in the program's philosophical quandaries. But with certain characters from the first season definitively out of the picture, it remains to be seen just who will take part in the show's world as the stakes are inevitably raised.

Series co-creators and executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy delivered a veritable smash hit with the first season of Westworld, and with any luck the highly anticipated follow-up won't disappoint. Until then, here's to hoping for the very best from the big budget science-fiction program as things continue to develop behind the scenes at HBO.

Westworld season 2 will premiere on HBO in 2018.

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Source: The Huffington Post

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