Luke Cage & Iron Fist Spar in Luke Cage Season 2 Set Photos

The latest images from the set of Luke Cage prove that Danny Rand will be sticking around Harlem for a bit. For years now, fans have been anxious to see Luke Cage and Iron Fist team-up in a Heroes for Hire series. And while that still doesn't appear to be on the horizon, it doesn't mean the two vigilantes aren't going to be pairing up. With the release of The Defenders in August, the two future friends finally joined forces and faced off physically and verbally. The results saw the beginning of a potential partnership, and it looks like there's more on the way.

Only two weeks ago, a new photo revealed Danny Rand will be joining Luke Cage for the second season of the show. Expected to kick off the 2018 slate of Marvel-Netflix shows, Luke Cage will pick up where both season 1 and The Defenders left off. Luke will be a public hero, helping his community battle mounting threats. Meanwhile, Danny will be heading uptown for what's looking more and more like a backdoor pilot for Heroes for Hire.

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The latest set photos for season 2 of Luke Cage come from a Finn Jones fan site and naturally featuring Danny. While they don't tease anything major and could all take place during the same episode, it's clear Danny will be spending a good deal of time with Luke. He'll also be sporting a very unusual hoodie.

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Heroes for Hire Sweet Christmas

The photos feature both a scene of Luke and Danny walking and talking and one of them sparring. The fight scene looks to feature Danny teaching Luke some martial arts. Like Jessica Jones, Luke gets by on his strength, but he was a boxer in his youth. Still, with bigger and bigger threats coming at the heroes, it couldn't hurt for Luke to learn a few new moves—especially as it appears Danny is able to pin the unbreakable hero.

Also of note is Danny's hoodie, which has 'SWEET XMAS' emblazoned on the back. This is of course Luke's famous catchphrase from the comics, which he's uttered a few times on the show as well. But its appearance on an article of clothing raises some questions. Is someone selling Luke Cage merchandise? Did the hero take his saying from an apparel company? Or are Luke and the hoodie both referencing something from the pop culture of the MCU?

There's no word yet on when season 2 of Luke Cage will arrive, but it could arrive as early as March of next year if past shows are any indication. In the meantime, expect a lot more dispatches from the set as the series continues to film.

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Luke Cage season 2 will premiere on Netflix in 2018.

Source: Finn Jones Fan Site

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