Luke Cage & Claire Temple Share A Moment in Season 2 Set Photos

New set photos for the second season of Luke Cage prove that the bulletproof hero's romance with Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) isn't going anywhere. While The Defenders is still two months away, we know that many of the heroes from Marvel's Netflix universe will be continuing their solo missions. Luke CageDaredevil, and Jessica Jones will not only all be getting new seasons, but they've been confirmed to arrive next year. While fans are still waiting to hear about Iron Fist, there will be more than enough solo Defenders action in the near future.

Of course, all of these renewals mean we can rest assured that the main characters will be making it out alive from the team-up series. Luckily, this idea is nothing new in comics, as heroes rarely perish - and when they do, it's not for good. That said, there's no telling what state many of the protagonists will be in following the events of The Defenders. While Luke Cage star Mike Colter has said the miniseries won't affect season two of his show, it will surely change the character in some ways. One thing that doesn't look to be changing, however, is Luke's romantic life.

Daily Mail have nabbed some set photos from season two of Luke Cage, showing Colter and Dawson kissing and fighting in the same breath. Luke and Dawson's Claire Temple began seeing each other towards the end of the first season of Luke Cage, and we know they'll be continuing that romance in The Defenders. Now we also know that, despite some tension, that relationship looks like it will survive for a bit longer.

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Luke Cage and Claire Temple kiss

For fans of the comics, it might be disappointing to know that Luke and Jessica are still far from being a power couple. Then again, it's hard to deny the chemistry Colter and Dawson have, so seeing Luke and Claire together definitely fits the story for now. And while Dawson isn't a main hero who's guaranteed to survive, she has been a crucial part of the street-level universe, so it's good to see her sticking around.

Dawson won't be the only one back for season two of Luke Cage. Theo Rossi confirmed a while back that he'd be reprising his role as the villainous Shades, proving Luke will have just as many enemies as friends. The new season is set to explore the public identity of the superhero, which means he'll have no shortage of foes looking to put an end to his happiness. Luckily, we know Claire can take care of herself.

Though 2018 will bring three returning Netflix series from Marvel, there's still no word on when each will arrive. Jessica Jones has been filming for awhile, but Luke Cage just started this past week. Still, Colter says he hopes his show will be out early next year, so it's anyone's guess as to which show will come first. When the news breaks, however, we'll let you know.

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The Defenders comes to Netflix on August 18, with The Punisher arriving later this year. Daredevil seasons 1 and 2, Jessica Jones season 1, Luke Cage season 1, and Iron Fist season 1 are now available on the streaming service. New seasons of Jessica JonesDaredevil, and Luke Cage will premiere sometime in 2018.

Source: Daily Mail

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