Misty Knight & Colleen Wing Get Into A Fight In Luke Cage Clip

The latest clip from season 2 of Luke Cage brings together Misty Knight and Colleen Wing for an epic barroom brawl. While the Netflix corner of the MCU started out more cautiously when it comes to connective tissue, that mostly went out the window with The Defenders. The series brought multiple characters and plots together from across four different series and finally united the street-level heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And while Jessica Jones season 2 didn't reach outside of its own world much, the new Luke Cage story will have even more cameos than we realized.

We've known for awhile that Luke Cage season 2 will feature an appearance by Danny Rand, with set photos showing Iron Fist training with Luke Cage. Not only that, but Claire and Misty Knight will of course be back. For the detective, the events of The Defenders won't be ignored as the character lost her arm and will be getting a comics-accurate upgrade. But even more exciting for fans of the source material is the fact that Colleen Wing will also be crossing over from Iron Fist, bringing us one step closer to a Daughters of the Dragon spinoff.

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The latest clip from season 2 of Luke Cage features Misty and Colleen commiserating in a bar before they're rudely interrupted. When the threat of violence emerges, Misty steps up and it's revealed she hasn't yet replaced her arm. Unfortunately for her assailants, that doesn't make her any less dangerous, especially when Colleen steps in to help. There's no telling how much of Luke Cage will include Jessica Henwick, but the sight of Colleen fighting alongside Misty could be the start of something special.

For years now, fans have been teased about a Heroes for Hire show teaming Luke Cage with Iron Fist. While The Defenders gave us a taste of that and Luke Cage season 2 will continue it, the future of the Marvel-Netflix shows is up in the air as Disney will soon have their own streaming service. All new Marvel shows will land on the streaming service (or ABC, Hulu, and other connected networks), but it seems that the current Netflix shows will stick around. But what that means for spinoffs like Heroes for Hire or Daughters of the Dragon is unknown.

Regardless of what the future holds, it's at least refreshing to know Marvel is no longer squeamish about tying together their street-level shows. While not all MCU properties have the benefit of crossing over, those in the realm of The Defenders look to be more interchangeable than ever.

Luke will certainly need the new help, as the Luke Cage season 2 trailer showed that he'll have plenty of trouble coming his way. Aside from the return of Mariah and Shades, Bushmaster will be coming over from the comics and counteracting Luke's powers with some abilities of his own. Though Danny and Colleen may not stick around long, Misty's new arm will certainly come in handy. And we also know the Daughters of the Dragon team-up will continue beyond Luke Cage, as Misty Knight is joining Iron Fist season 2.

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Luke Cage season 2 debuts June 22 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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