Luke Cage Season 2 Wraps Filming

Luke Cage season 2 wraps filming, all but confirming that the second season of the Marvel/Netflix TV series will premiere in 2018.

Luke Cage season 2 has wrapped filming, hinting at when it will arrive next year. The future of Marvel's Netflix shows may be in question now that Disney is setting up its own streaming service, but that won't affect the next round of each series. Though future seasons of The Defenders and The Punisher have yet to be announced, the original four heroes will all be getting another batch of episodes. Daredevil season 3 began filming last week and Iron Fist season 2 will start production next month. Meanwhile, Jessica Jones season 2 wrapped filming back in September.

Shortly after Jessica Jones season 2 began filming, Luke Cage kicked off production on its own second season. Claire Temple will be returning and continuing her romance with Luke in season 2, as set photos leaked from the production have confirmed. Even more exciting, Misty Knight is getting her bionic arm in Luke Cage season 2. Iron Fist himself, Danny Rand will appear in Luke Cage season 2 as well, further teasing the possibility of a Heroes for Hire team-up in the future.

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Thanks to a series of Instagram posts by Gabrielle Dennis, it has been confirmed that Luke Cage season 2 is now done filming. The actor, who plays Tilda Johnson in the new season, posted a slew of photos from the series' wrap party that feature stars Mike Colter, Simone Missick, Alfre Woodard, and new addition Mustafar Shakir, who plays the villainous Bushmaster in the upcoming season. Take a look, below:

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Luke will be facing a number of threats in Luke Cage season 2. Shades and Mariah Dillard will both be returning and Shade's lieutenant Comanche will also be back. They will be joined by additional threats that include Bushmaster and Johnson. In the comics, Tilda Johnson is also know as Nightshade. Interestingly, Nightshade will be in Black Panther as well, but played by a different performer.

Despite strict claims that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is all connected, the TV and film sides feature some of the same actors in different roles. Woodard pulled double duty in the MCU when she played a small role in Captain America: Civil War, and Runaways will feature a different Tina Minoru than the one who was in Doctor Strange. Why a relatively obscure character like Johnson is in two different projects is unknown, but it's possible that Luke Cage season 2 will offer an explanation for that.

Speaking of, it now seems fair to assume that Jessica Jones season 2 will premiere first in 2018, followed by Luke Cage season 2 sometime thereafter. Given how much longer it's been since the former show debuted a season, that makes sense. It also means that the plot threads left dangling in The Defenders will be picked up before too long. Hopefully, more news regarding Luke Cage season 2 will arrive before the year is out.

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Official premiere dates for the new seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist have yet to be announced.

Source: Gabrielle Dennis

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