Luke Cage Season 1 Coming To Blu-ray November 2017

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After over a year of waiting, the first season of Luke Cage will be heading to home video next month. While Netflix may have upended the television model as we know it, the company hasn't completely removed itself from the tradition. Though subscribers get first access to the streaming site's original shows, those series usually wind up getting a Blu-ray release for fans without the service or those who prefer physical media. Marvel shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones have already followed this path, and Luke Cage will soon join them.

With the premiere of Luke Cage last year, Marvel and Netflix once again proved their partnership could yield dividends. Taking things uptown, the series and creator Cheo Hodari Coker used a brand-new lens to explore the world of superheroes. The results were mostly hailed by critics and fans, with performances by Mike Colter and Mahershala Ali helping carry the show even in its weaker moments. Now, the series is finally heading to Blu-ray.

U.K. retail site Zavvi has a listing for the Steelbook Blu-ray of Luke Cage season 1, which will release on November 27, 2017. Meanwhile, a Reddit user posted the regular Blu-ray artwork for the release along with the same date. So far, neither version has appeared on Marvel's site or retailers like Amazon. That may well change in the next few days, however.

There's no word yet on if any additional features or commentary will be available with the 13 episodes of the show, but some extras are likely. As the release date gets closer, more concrete information about the product will follow. For now, most Luke Cage fans are focused on the rapidly-approaching season season.

While The Defenders followed up Luke's story from season 1 of his solo show a bit, there's still a lot left unexamined. As such, season 2 will not only deal with the aftermath of this year's team-up, but will explore Luke's new public identity as a hero. We also know Claire Temple and Luke will be continuing their relationship, but the Night Nurse won't be the only familiar face heading to Harlem when the show debuts next year.

Shortly after the debut of The Defenders, we got our first look at Misty Knight in Luke Cage season 2. We know the detective will be a player in Iron Fist season 2, but it looks as if her time working in Harlem isn't over. She'll also be boasting a brand-new bionic arm, bringing her that much closer to her comic book destiny. And speaking of Iron Fist, the most recent photo from Luke Cage confirmed that Danny Rand himself will be showing up in the new season. As the Netflix shows move forward, they'll likely start to mirror the MCU movies by featuring more and more crossovers and cameos. And of course, Luke and Danny together again means Heroes for Hire is that much closer to becoming a reality.

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Luke Cage season 1 is now streaming on Netflix and releases November 27, 2017 on Blu-ray. Season 2 of the series will arrive sometime in 2018.

Sources: Zavvi and Reddit

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