15In the Comics, she was First Introduced as a Luke Cage Character

Claire Temple and Luke Cage in Marvel Comics

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we first meet Claire Temple as the nurse who rescues Daredevil from a dumpster early in the show's first season. In addition to saving his life, she's the first person who the new vigilante really connects with, and she and Matt Murdock even come together romantically for a

spell. It doesn't last — let's face it, Matt is kind of a difficult person to have any relationship with, much less a romantic one — but the two remain connected, and Claire's repeated mentions of her "friend" whenever trouble arises make it clear that she has a lot of respect for what Matt does.

But in the comics, Claire was actually introduced as a Luke Cage character, all the way back in his second issue. Needless to say, the two go back pretty far, so it's no surprise that she made it into the series. Similarly to the MCU, Claire first meets Luke when he's injured, and she immediately tries to help him with her medical know-how — only to find out about his rather unusually durable skin. Soon afterward, Claire and Luke begin dating.

Claire Temple and Luke Cage in Marvel Comics
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