14They had a Rocky Relationship

Claire Temple and Luke Cage in Marvel Comics

So basically, the romantic connection between Claire and Luke is nothing new. But Luke and Claire's relationship on Netflix is most likely going to get complicated, if the comics are any indication about what we might expect in the MCU's future — which they might not be, since Marvel does enjoy throwing

in plot twists to surprise the fans.

In the early Luke Cage comics, Claire is Luke's primary relationship, and though they go back and forth many times, there's a lot of genuine love between them. Between romantic walks on Christmas Eve, dinner dates, and emergency rescues, Claire and Luke go through a lot together, but their relationship is often disturbed by conflict, violent attacks and kidnappings from Luke's enemies, and the other problems that arise from having a superhero as a partner. The two struggle to figure out what kind of life they are supposed to have, between the vast differences in their careers. Eventually, it's just too much, and the two break up. However, years later, at a point where Luke is ready to quit being a hero, it's Claire who gives him the motivation to keep going.

Claire Temple with Spider-Man in Marvel Comics
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