Luke Cage: The Best Look at Misty Knight's Robot Arm Yet

A new video has given viewers their best look yet at Misty Knight's cyborg arm in Luke Cage season 2. It promises that, this time, there's "no holding back" for Luke's friend and ally in Harlem.

Misty Knight has always been a popular comic book character, and so fans were delighted when Simone Missick was cast for the role in Luke Cage season 1. The actress played the role with skill and aplomb, leaving viewers delighted, but it was always clear tragedy lay in her future; in the comics, Misty is best known for her distinctive cybernetic arm. The fateful injury actually happened in The Defenders, with Danny Rand promising that his company would be able to help her out.

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The official Twitter account for Luke Cage has just released a new video ahead of this month's premiere, teasing the best look yet at Misty's cyborg arm. It's an atmospheric video, and it promises that Misty is no sidekick; she means business.

The video teases that Misty is still an officer of the law, albeit likely an unusual one; in the comics, that cyborg arm is superhumanly strong, and the combat pose in the video suggests the same will be true in Luke Cage season 2. The arm's design is a fascinating one, significantly cruder than anything seen in the MCU to date - contrast that with James Rhodes's cybernetic legs in the Marvel movies. That's hardly a surprise, though; Rhodes had access to Tony Stark's tech, which is likely to be decades ahead of Danny Rand's.

The new season will also star Danny Rand and Colleen Wing. In the comics, Misty and Colleen are collectively referred to as the "Daughters of the Dragon," one of Marvel's most popular secondary teams. Marvel has already teased that Misty and Colleen have become close friends, and some fans are hoping a spinoff series is on the way. Marvel seem reluctant to bring any new franchises to Netflix; a fact that's likely related to Disney's focus on creating a rival streaming service. But that hasn't stopped spinoff shows with characters who are already part of the Marvel Netflix world, as demonstrated by The Punisher. Hopefully a Daughte,rs of the Dragon series will soon be announced as well.

It will be interesting to see how Misty balances her friendship with Luke Cage with her responsibilities as a police officer. Jessica Jones season 2 was the first Marvel Netflix show to be set after the passing of the Sokovia Accords, and it's reasonable to assume that Luke Cage is a signatory. As such, Misty will technically be able to use Luke as an asset, but will also probably be responsible for keeping the vigilante in check. That's not going to be an easy task.

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Luke Cage season 2 debuts June 22 on Netflix.

Source: Luke Cage/Twitter

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