Marvel Hints Either Jessica Jones or Luke Cage Is Bisexual

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for The Hunt For Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #1


Luke Cage and Jessica Jones have teamed up to hunt down Wolverine, but it's the hint of their open marriage (and possible bisexuality) that fans will likely be focused on. Still, the fact that Wolverine has returned from the dead is worthy of the issue's title and main plot. After all, the returned Logan isn't a clone, or a new hero picking up the mantle, or an alternate universe version, but the original Wolverine himself - which means multiple comic issues exploring and celebrating his resurrection.

As the recent Hunt For Wolverine comic revealed, Wolverine's adamantium 'tomb' was set up as a monument, while Kitty Pryde pulled his remains from it to bury them separately. With the grave now empty, Marvel's heroes are banding together to recover his remains. And, apparently, reveal personal details of their marriage and sexuality.

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In The Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1, Daredevil brought together a new team to try and locate Wolverine, calling on Marvel/Netflix favorite Misty Knight, among others. Now, The Hunt For Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #1 sees another team of New York heroes investigate Logan's disappearance: headed up by Tony Stark, who brought in Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones for help.

On a previous mission (shown in flashback in the issue), these heroes had worked with the man himself, and made him a promise to take care of his body should he actually die. The team follows up on a lead for an auction of a superhero's genetic code, assuming it will be the stolen body of Wolverine... although they are in for a surprise when it turns out to be someone else entirely.

However, while on the secret villain-auction submarine where the auction is taking place, this latest Marvel team-up also revealed that everyone's favorite ex-Defenders couple may not be entirely monogamous.

When a security goon places a hand on Luke's shoulder, his wife Jessica is quick to disapprove of the contact. According to her, she is the only one allowed to touch Luke without permission... "aside from one mutually agreed upon, open-minded friend." It may be a throwaway line, but Jessica Jones isn't known for her tendency to speak something other than the straight truth. The clear suggestion, then, is that Mr. and Mrs. Cage don't have an entirely monogamous marriage - and at least one of them is "open-minded" (read: bisexual) where this unnamed friend is concerned.

The sexuality of superheroes is often if not always a hotly debated issue among readers, with controversy routinely erupting should a storyline reveal a specific hero to be something other than straight - and it seems that writer Tom Taylor is making it canon that Luke Cage and Jessica Jones have, at the very least, discussed the possibility of a third party in their marital bed. Of course, this is still very much in the realm of 'hinting' rather than 'stating outright', as Jessica could be making an unexpected quip to throw the people around them off (or even making a joke about how close her husband has been with Iron Fist).

But to those fans looking for greater LGBTQ representation in comics (not to mention non-monogamous and polyamorous representation), it's sure to be a thrill to see Marvel opening the door to a more in-depth exploration of how this long-standing comic relationship may include some less heteronormative elements.

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The Hunt For Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #1 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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