First Look at Luke Cage Season 2 Confirms Iron Fist Appearance

Power Man and Iron Fist are together again with Finn Jones confirmed to reprise his role as Danny Rand for Luke Cage season 2. After all the build up to The Defenders, one of the biggest takeaways from the show (and the fallout from Iron Fist) was the continued requests to see a Heroes for Hire series happen, giving fans more of Luke Cage and Danny Rand together. In only a short amount of time, Jones proved to have great chemistry alongside Mike Colter, making them a fan-favorite pairing in the team up.

However, even after their epic team up to save Hell's Kitchen, all of the Defenders parted ways to do their own thing once more. With their lives more connected than ever, it was reasonable to believe that they wouldn't stay separated for too long. And now we know for sure that Danny and Luke will reunite soon.

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EW has shared a first look photo from Luke Cage season 2 that shows Jones back in character as the Immortal Iron Fist standing opposite Colter as Luke. There have so far been no details regarding how big of a role he will have, but it could prove to be a major one.

Knowing that Iron Fist will cross paths with Luke Cage once more is hardly a surprise, but it is great to know just how soon it will be happening. With the two forming some semblance of a friendship in Defenders, what brings them back together will be something to keep an eye on. Is the threat Luke is facing too big for Harlem's hero to stop by himself? Or, is Rand's appearance due in part to Misty Knight's arc in the second season?

The popular theory ever since Misty lost her arm has been that Danny will be the one to supply her with the bionic replacement. We've already had a look at Misty's new arm in a previous Luke Cage photo, so Danny's appearance could add more fuel to that fire. But, if Luke did not ask Danny for his help, it is possible Misty took it upon herself to phone a friend for backup. If that is how things play out in season 2, it could be the beginning of Misty starting Heroes for Hire. Since these two are the leading members of the group in the comics, it would only be fitting for them to kick off this movement in the Netflix world.

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Luke Cage season 2 is currently filming and expected to arrive on Netflix in 2018.

Source: EW

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