Luke Cage: 10 Best Episodes According To IMDb

Luke Cage only ran for two seasons, but each season provided viewers with great episodes. Here are the best of the lot according to IMDb.

Luke Cage may have only gotten two seasons, but those two seasons brought us some amazing and dramatic episodes. Episodes that still stick in our minds to this day. But any good series has episodes that rank higher than the rest.

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It might be difficult to pick out our favorites amongst the variety in Luke Cage, so we're going to let IMDB (and thus, in a way, everyone) get a say in what the ten best episodes of the series are. So if you've ever wondered how your favorite episode fared in the public opinion, this is a list you're going to want to check out.

10 Season 1 Episode 5: Just To Get A Rep - 8.0

In the fifth episode of Luke Cage's season one, Cottonmouth has gotten a bit serious in regards to taking Luke Cage out. His tactic is twofold. Part one, go after the people of Harlem (and their wallets). Part two, getting a weapon that is actually capable of hurting (and ideally, killing) his enemy.

'Just to Get a Rep' is the episode that truly upped the ante for Luke's series. Before now, all of the threat and risk had been to the people around Luke. But this episode told us that he would also be at risk if he continued the fight.

9 Season 2 Episode 12: Can't Front On Me - 8.1

'Can't Front on Me' is one of the few episodes from season 2 to make it onto this top ten list. In this episode, Luke Cage is prepping for a major fight against Bushmaster. And that means that he might just have to ally with the enemy. After all, the enemy of your enemy and all that.

Meanwhile, Shades is going forward with his own plan, with or without the permission of Mariah. And it all culminates with a party at the club. And we all know how explosive that sort of event is going to get.

8 Season 1 Episode 12: Soliloquy Of Chaos - 8.1

Nearing the end of the first season for Luke Cage, things were pretty heated. And that's where 'Soliloquy of Chaos' comes into play. In this episode, Luke is once again free, and the public is starting to love him once again. But that won't stop the police from going after him. Or keep him safe from his enemies.

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With multiple enemies on the horizon, Luke and Misty have to think strategically on how to track and attack them. Thankfully, that's what Misty is best at.

7 Season 1 Episode 8: Blowin' Up The Spot - 8.1

The eighth episode in Luke's series, 'Blowin' Up the Spot' brought with it a lot of danger towards Luke. And some amazing fights for the viewers. In this episode, the truth about Luke has come out, and that means the police are officially after him.

But that's not the biggest problem for Luke. You see, an old family relation is back in town, and he's determined to take Luke out, and he doesn't much care about who gets in between him and his intended target.

6 Season 1 Episode 2: Code Of Secrets - 8.2

This was the second episode in Luke Cage's series, and so we were still getting into the swing of things. Yet the series wasn't afraid to throw a compelling plot at us, and it clearly knew how to get us hooked early on.

In this episode, Luke paid a favor to a friend, but in doing so he found himself at the center of something even bigger. This was the moment when Luke really began to realize just how bad things had become in his city.

5 Season 1 Episode 11: Now You're Mine - 8.3

'Now You're Mine' is an explosive episode, bringing most of the characters together, and putting them at risk. Misty, Claire, and Luke are all at risk, thanks to the latest set of circumstances. Stryker has taken civilians within the Kitchen hostage, including Claire and Candace (the witness who spoke up against Luke Cage).

Meanwhile Misty and Luke are trying to escape, without running into the police. Oh, and they're also hoping to stop the violence from escalating because they actually care about the hostages.

4 Season 1 Episode 3: Who's Gonna Take The Weight? - 8.3

'Who's Gonna Take the Weight' is the third episode in Luke Cage's series, and this is where we really start feeling the tension between Luke and the antagonist of the series (so far). Here, Luke has decided that more extreme measures are required in order to take on corruption in the streets.

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As such, Luke is going to take the action to Cottonmouth. Or at least, where he'll feel the hits the hardest. That's right, he's going to hit where the money is. And you better believe Cottonmouth noticed.

3 Season 2 Episode 10: The Main Ingredient - 8.5

'The Main Ingredient' is the second and final episode from season 2 that makes it onto this list. This episode also brings one of the Defenders – Danny Rand – into the mix. In this episode, Danny Rand has stepped up and offered his assistance against Luke's latest enemy: Bushmaster.

Meanwhile, Misty is busy tracking down prey of her own. Specifically, she's seeking out the traitor in their midst.

2 Season 1 Episode 7: Manifest - 8.5

'Manifest' is an episode that brings with it many changes for Luke and the rest of the characters in this series. Mariah's political career is at risk, thanks to the strong associations with her cousin and practices.

Meanwhile, the truth of Luke's history is at risk of being released to the public – including the part about him being an escaped convict. That would put a dent in the whole superhero of Harlem job, if he was also avoiding the police.

1 Season 1 Episode 4: Step In The Arena - 8.5

Every good hero needs an origin story. And 'Step in the Arena' is Luke Cage's. This is the tale of how he was framed and sent to prison – and what happened to him within those cells. The illegal fighting and experimentations within this prison were a direct cause for Luke Cage's superhuman durability. And this flashback explains it all to the viewers while drawing a connection to Luke's current predicament against Cottonmouth.

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