Luke Cage Showrunner Responds to Netflix Cancellation

Cheo Hodari Coker and Mike Colter in Luke Cage Season 2

Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker‏ bids farewell to the Marvel TV show that was canceled by Netflix. The news broke yesterday, one week after Iron Fist was cancelled, and on the same day that the third season of Daredevil premiered. With two seasons under its belt, the show had been widely acclaimed by audiences and critics, and initial reports have suggested that the cancellation may have resulted from negotiations between Marvel and Disney falling through.

Coker led Luke Cage for the duration of both seasons. Having written and produced hit science fiction and crime TV thrillers like Southland and Almost Human, he was instrumental in creating the show's striking exploration of decadence, violence, and heroism in modern-day Harlem. Coker was expected to return for a third season, which, despite Iron Fist's cancellation and the underwhelming success of The Defenderswas highly anticipated due to its popularity and the season 2 ending. Luke was last seen self-anointed as the new sheriff of Harlem's Paradise. As Misty tries to warn him about his foreshadowed corruption, she's dismissed and has the door closed on her, in a nod to the ending of The Godfather.

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Coker took to Twitter to thank Marvel and Netflix, as well as Luke Cage's fans, writers, and locations. Fans have replied to the tweet by expressing their disappointment, as well as their thanks to Coker for what the show has meant to them.

Iron Fist's Finn Jones also took to social media to pay tribute to Luke Cage. The image of Danny Rand's iron first colliding with Luke Cage's palm has some fans hoping that this may lead to a television adaptation of the Heroes For Hire comics. Although Luke Cage was heavily involved in Jessica Jones season 1, there's no word on whether or not he'll be appearing the third season, which is currently in production. Echoing Coker's sentiment, however, the official Luke Cage Twitter also posted the hero's motto, indicating that fans should stay hopeful about seeing him again.

Even though Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and The Punisher are moving along as planned, their upcoming seasons are now under more pressure than ever to supersede any conflicts between studios and stay fresh. Daredevil's new showrunner Erik Oleson took the third season in a different direction and Jessica JonesMelissa Rosenberg is leaving after season 3. Although Netflix has stated that only they can cancel any of the Marvel TV shows, Disney's investment into their own streaming service may result in more distribution conflicts down the line. While Luke Cage may be done, the show had a lot to teach televised superhero series about the craft.

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