Wilson Brothers Set for Reporter Comedy 'Electric Avenue'

The Wilson brothers, Luke and Andrew are set to co-direct a 48 Hours-type buddy comedy about two reporters called Electric Avenue. But wait: We all know Luke and Owen Wilson - who's this Andrew character?

While Andrew could be considered the least famous Wilson brother (sans the infamous Gummo and Zeppo Wilson), he's been consistently acting for over twenty years and has had roles in such films as Rushmore (Coach Beck), Zoolander (Hansel's Corner Guy),  Idiocracy (Beef Supreme) and now plays Razor in the upcoming Drew Barrymore directed, Whip It.

This won't be the Wilson Brothers first foray into directing. Their first co-directing venture came with the 2005 film, The Wendell Baker Story, which Luke Wilson wrote. If your interests have yet to be piqued, maybe this casting teaser will help.

"It's going to be [starring] Luke and... somebody else who I'm not at liberty to announce quite yet since it's real exciting."

Speculations? The obvious choice would be Owen Wilson to jump on the project, but I wouldn't really consider it something "exciting," nor do I believe that Owen being part of the project is something they'd hold off announcing. He is, after all, their brother.

If I'd have to guess, I'd say Ted Danson. Although, Ted Danson is my guess for everything. "What number am I thinking of?" Ted Danson!

As of right now, I have no interest in seeing this film. The fact that I haven't seen The Wendell Baker story is a discouraging sign, as the film came out in 2005 and yet I've never heard word one spoken about it.


Keep an eye out for Electric Avenue in the coming year(s); both the film and road.

Source: First Showing [via: MTV]

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