Lucifer: The 10 Most Brutal Fight Scenes, Ranked

Known for its clever humor and biblical lore mixed up in a police procedural, Lucifer offers a little bit for everyone. As the former (or current, depending on how you see it) King of Hell, Lucifer knows his way around inflicting pain and punishing the guilty. So while few and far between, the show offers a good amount of fight scenes that leave us in awe of celestial power and maybe fearful of Lucifer’s power.

Here are the 10 most brutal fight scenes of Lucifer, ranked.

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10 Lucifer vs. Mazikeen - “Sympathy for the Goddess” (Season 2, Episode 17)

What happens when the two most emotionally constipated characters are pitted against each other? Absolute destruction.

Between Lucifer’s self-centeredness and Maze’s inability to express herself through words instead of fists, this fight among friends was a long time coming. The two brawl it out in the courtyard outside of Linda’s office. Unfortunately, this one’s intentionally interrupted by a commercial break and we just see the two bloodied up with an impressive wake of destruction around them. Seriously, they ruined a stone bench.

9 Mazikeen and Dan vs. Los X Gang - “O, Ye of Little Faith, Father” (Season 4, Episode 3)

Going off the books yet again, Dan recruits Maze’s help in going after the Los X Gang for intel. It takes some encouragement on Maze’s part, but the dynamic, deadly duo is quickly back in action. Last time, they set up the kidnapping of Perry Smith by the Russian gang. So naturally, they up the ante.

This time around, Dan takes his frustrations and grief out on Los X and we finally get to see our favorite Douche kick some butt. Yep, those muscles we saw in Season 2 come in handy. Maze also gives her seal of approval.

8 Amenadiel & Lucifer vs. Another Gang - “Take Me Back to Hell” (Season 1, Episode 13)

When the brothers work together, nothing can stop them. This is the first time we see the brothers on the same side and it is a sight to behold.

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We get a nice glimpse of the brothers’ distinct fighting styles too. Lucifer is all flourish, but every action he makes is efficient and meant to cause the most damage with the minimal amount of effort. Amenadiel barges through like a tank, happily flaunting that celestial strength of his.

7 Maze vs. The Latin Kings - “Sweet Kicks” (Season 1, Episode 5)

We’re given more about Mazikeen’s backstory and purpose in this episode, that she was created as an assistant and bodyguard for Lucifer. Apparently, she can sense whenever Lucifer is in danger, track him, and then ward off anyone who wishes to cause him harm.

In the first major situation of Lucifer being in over his head, Mazikeen makes one Hell of an entrance. Once he realizes who’s causing all the maiming and destruction, Lucifer gleefully watches along and marvels at Maze’s cruelty. You can’t help but sympathetically wince along with Chloe.

6 Maze’s Escape - “A Devil of My Word”  (Season 3, Episode 24)

Waking up after being drugged and chained to a pipe would be tough for any human. Even Mazikeen seems to have met her match against what Cain can cook up. So really, it’s the more human part of Maze that shines through. In her desire to protect Linda, Maze fights her guard and stumbles out... only to come across a room full of Cain’s lackeys.

Though we don’t see the action for ourselves, Cain catches sight of the carnage later. Seeing as how Maze stumbles into Linda’s office half-dead but still ready to challenge any stragglers, she fought her little demon heart out.

5 Karaoke Bar Showdown - “‘Til Death Do Us Part” (Season 3, Episode 13)

Hello, drug dealers!

Tipped off on where to find the head of the Korean gang, Lucifer barges in ready to strike a deal and maybe bash in some skulls on the way down.

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And the music that goes along with this scene is just perfect. The song, “Lucifer,” by K-pop group SHINee was actually released back in 2010. So either someone got really bored one day or the Lucifer crew does indeed have a K-pop nerd on it. Whatever the case, it made for a memorable and absolutely brutal one-man gang takedown.

4 LUX Throwdown - “Everything’s Okay” (Season 4, Episode 1)

After one of the best Tom Ellis covers to grace our screens, rife with fluid jump cuts to show the passage of time, we’re treated to our first Netflix battle to get the season started right. Good luck getting Creep by Radiohead out of your head.

Spurred by Lucifer’s inner turmoil, we’re treated to a very quick takedown. Like seriously, this maybe takes up the first five minutes of the episode, less if we take out the dialogue. That poor guy from the Season 2 premiere, he really needs to stop trying to go after Lucifer. Nothing good comes with holding a grudge against the Devil.

3 Lucifer vs. Cain - “A Devil of My Word” (Season 4, Episode 24)

The love triangle finally comes to a bloody end. Also because Amenadiel planted the seeds of doubt a little too far into Cain’s head. Now unwilling to give up his immortality, Cain is driven to desperate measures to reclaim his title as the original sinner. But shooting Chloe Decker is a big no-no in Lucifer’s books.

After bringing the detective to a safe place, Lucifer lets loose his wrath in a way we haven’t seen before. The wings. He fights with his wings and it’s awesome. And of course, we end with Lucifer’s first on-screen kill.

2 Lucifer vs. Amenadiel - “City of Angels” (Season 3, Episode 10)

This one’s more emotionally brutal than anything. Lucifer would’ve sat by and gone along with the original plan, but knowing even Amenadiel viewed him as the source of all evil? That’s a step too far. The fight is also an interesting character moment for the brothers. 

It can be read as Lucifer lashing out at Amenadiel, with Amenadiel ultimately taking the high road instead of stooping to the same level of pettiness. But it could also be Lucifer subconsciously trying to punish himself, knowing that he wouldn’t win. Either way, the blood goes flying in brutal slow-motion that leaves us all wincing in sympathy.

1 The Demons vs. Team Lucifer - “Who’s Da New King of Hell?” (Season 4, Episode 10)

Maze definitely wins as the most brutal fighter, period. When you’re trying to stop some demons from crowning a baby as their king, you have to fight fire with hellfire. Lucifer, Mazikeen, Eve, Amenadiel, and Chloe team up to take on a horde of demons and rescue baby Charlie from becoming the new King of Hell.

This sequence shows the most brutal takedowns the show has ever seen. Surprisingly, Lucifer doesn’t really get his hands dirty. But Mazikeen, the only sensible one (besides Chloe) who brought a knife to a fistfight, displays her full moveset. Slashing up someone’s face, throwing a knife into someone’s chest, breaking bones...the list goes on. And Eve and Chloe get some points too. After Chloe unloads a clip into a demon’s chest, she whacks them in the head with a pole. When they still don’t die, Eve slams her heel through their right eye. Yikes.

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