New Lucifer Trailers: Prepare To Be Charmed By the Devil

It isn't too often we have happy news for fans of American televisions shows who do not live in America. Typically, it's a real pain for non-U.S. viewers to watch their favorite U.S. programs, needing to either wait long periods after it's already aired stateside or be forced to look for episodes through less than legal means.

But as our entertainment continues to become more global, media companies are catching on. Already, U.K. shows with large U.S. audiences like Doctor Who and Sherlock have begun airing on the same day in both countries, and now it's time for America to return the favor. Fox and Amazon Prime have struck a deal that will allow for episodes of their new comic book-inspired, supernatural-procedural-hybrid show, Lucifer to be available on the streaming service to U.K. subscribers shortly after the episodes air in the U.S.

Heralding this agreement is a new trailer for Lucifer - starring Tom Ellis (Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time) as the devil, bored and looking for trouble in Los Angeles - that you can watch above.

This deal isn't Amazon's first, having made similar agreements with AMC for new series Into the Badlands as well as NBC for Constantine and CBS for Extant. The hope is these streaming deals give up-and-coming series a wider audience, but there's also the hope they'll squash piracy - something many in the entertainment industry still consider a problem.

Though shows like Game of Thrones rake in millions for HBO despite being the most pirated show in the world, shows that have yet to prove their worth to their home networks need all the support they can get. And that means watching the show legally, where networks and subscription services can make a profit, allowing them to continue producing and supporting said series.

For those of us in the U.S., however, all we need do is tune in when Lucifer airs on Fox in January. Watch two more TV spots for Lucifer, below:

Using the procedural as a foundation on which to adapt another property into a television show has become a trend among most new network dramas - iZombie, Minority Report, and now Lucifer. And while procedurals have clearly proven to be a successful formula, it does make us wonder if their overuse is dampening these shows' creativity.

Still, these trailers make a point of the devil's charming nature being Lucifer's real draw, with Ellis playing Lucifer as a bit of a rogue and not the evil demon that many think of when they imagine Satan. That in itself may not be enough to make Lucifer a standout, but it has the potential for a lot of unique confrontations between the devil and the residents of Los Angeles.

Lucifer will premiere on Fox in 2016.

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