'Arrow' Actor Kevin Alejandro Joins 'Lucifer' Cast

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Following the ratings success of Gotham season one, Fox is branching out into the more supernatural corners of DC Comics with Lucifer, an adaptation of the comic book series by Mike Carey. In the upcoming TV show, as in the source material, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) grows bored of watching over tormented souls all day and quits his former position as the Lord of Hell, choosing to move to Los Angeles and open a piano bar. Unlike the comic books, the TV show will add a procedural twist as Lucifer decides to use his powers to help the L.A.P.D. catch criminals.

Lucifer's main cast also includes Lesley-Ann Brandt (Gotham) as Lucifer's sidekick Maze, Lauren German (Chicago Fire) as L.A.P.D. homicide detective Chloe Dancer, and Rachael Harris (The Hangover) as a therapist called Linda. Fox was apparently pleased enough with the pilot to order a full series with Joe Henderson (White Collar) attached as showrunner, but it seems that there will be a casting change between the pilot and the rest of the first season.

Deadline reports that Kevin Alejandro, who played villain Sebastian Blood in season two of Arrow, has been cast in a regular role in the remaining episodes of Lucifer season one, taking over from Sleepy Hollow actor Nicholas Gonzalez. Alejandro will play Dan, an L.A.P.D. homicide detective who is suspicious of Lucifer and his intentions. Considering the fact that the L.A.P.D.'s latest consultant is literally the Devil, Dan is probably right to be wary of him.

Alejandro is well accustomed to cop roles, having played law enforcement officers on shows like Southland, The Returned and Golden Boy. He also appeared in quite a few episodes of True Blood as brujo Jesús Velásquez, so this isn't his first time on a supernatural show either.

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The pilot episode of Lucifer was written by Tom Kapinos (Californication) and directed by Len Wiseman (Total Recall), and based on the trailer it seems that Lucifer first becomes entangled with the business of crime-solving after a drive-by shooting kills a woman in front of him. According to writer Neil Gaiman, who invented this particular take on Lucifer for his comic book The Sandman, lead Tom Ellis plays him as a "a sexy mad bad Dr Who."

There are plenty of ways in which turning the lush and ambitious comic book source material into another supernatural procedural could go wrong, and Lucifer's first trailer wasn't hugely impressive, but we'll hold off judgment until the pilot screening at San Diego Comic-Con 2015.

Lucifer will premiere on Fox in fall 2015.

Source: Deadline

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