Lucifer: 8 Things Wrong With The Show Fans Choose To Ignore

Lucifer Tom Ellis

Netflix's Lucifer has a devoted fan base that would walk through hell for the show. It's easy to see why so many love it. Lucifer is handsome, charming and funny. The characters are interesting and the writing keeps things fresh. The best of shows have their faults and Lucifer is no exception. There are some glaring mistakes and contradictions that could torture even the most devoted fan. These oversights don't spoil the fun of watching Satan solve crime but they're worth exploring. Fans and critics alike can enjoy hunting for the errors in shows. It's still a great show with a talented team. The occasional slip-up or continuity error isn't enough to overshadow a great cast and good writing.

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Lucifer Morningstar Devil in Lucifer Season 4
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8 What's In A Name?

Lucifer Morningstar Devil in Lucifer Season 4

Few texts in history have been as hotly debated as the bible. You can find the name Lucifer sprinkled throughout the holy book but it may simply be a sloppy translation. Lucifer is the Latin name for the planet we call Venus. The word literally means "light bringer" or "morning star". Due to the movements of Venus across the night sky, it's often associated with mythologies that includes falls from heaven.  A similar term was translated from the Hebrew Bible to Lucifer in the King James Bible. That's where the Christian tradition of using the name to describe Satan emerged.  The translation is considered questionable at best by modern scholars. Lucifer Morningstar looks great on a business card but it's not the name this angel should go by.

7 Cash Flow

Tom Ellis in the Lucifer season premiere

One thing is for sure Lucifer has plenty of liquid assets. He never has a shortage of cash which poses several questions. As the owner of Lux, he certainly has some income. The club seems to be pretty successful and probably makes plenty of profits but even that income source would have its limits.  The existence of Lux brings up even more loose ends. Where did he get the capital to open a luxury business? Does Lucifer have a social security number? What exactly does he do to get his hands on and an endless supply of cash? In one episode it's revealed that his lease was written in lipstick on a pair of underwear. What exactly did he do to pull that off?

6 Anatomy

Lucifer's trusty sidekick Maze is gorgeous. Every part of her physical form is near perfect. No one is complaining about her appearance but her body does leave a lot of questions unanswered. It's been revealed that demons like Maze have no soul. She's made it clear that if she's killed on earth she'll go straight back to hell and can't take on a new body. If that gorgeous bod is Maze's actual form that means she was made in God's image like angels and human beings. That's nowhere in biblical canon. According to the Bible, demons don't look like any life form here on earth. Revelations is pretty descriptive including tales of beasts with 10 heads. We've seen her use her demon powers to put on a spooky face for Halloween but it was still very human-like.

5 Questionable Police Work

Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer Season 4

When you're working with the devil you have to assume some corners will be cut and some rules will be broken. It's understandable that Chloe would be helpless to reel in her divine partner. What's a little harder to believe is that none of the higher ups hold anyone responsible for Lucifer's fast and loose investigative style. More than once he's employed his otherworldly powers and some illegal antics to further an investigation.

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Good police work begins with a keen skill for observation. In one episode Amenadiel stops time allowing Lucifer to seem to move instantly from one location to another. That event should have raised some questions from the police officers surrounding him at the time.

4 Green Screen Glow

You'd be hard pressed to find many dramas on TV that don't employ CGI. Computer effects allow filmmakers to break through the boundaries of reality. CGI can drastically reduce the cost and time it takes to produce a show. It's a miracle of modern technology that can transport viewers into new worlds. When executed poorly it can destroy our suspension of disbelief. There are several instances on the show that green screen shots are painfully obvious. Scenes including characters in moving vehicles are the most common example. As the landscape speeds by in the background, a green glow can be seen around the actors' heads. This is evidence of green screen shots that have been poorly edited. It's a nit-picky observation but to a seasoned film buff, this glow is distracting.

3 Dr. Linda's Too Chill

Dr. Linda Martin is a core character on the show. She provides a convenient sounding board or Lucifer's inner thoughts. Visits to her office often provide the catalyst to keep the plot moving forward. She also helps round out Maze as the two women become closer as friends. Dr. Martin provides Amenadiel's humanity as his love interest. The show needs her. As a therapist, Dr.Martin has been exhaustively trained to be an objective skeptic. Mental health professionals know that the human mind is susceptible to delusion and hallucination. When Lucifer showed his true face to the good doctor she fell apart. Within a few episodes, she had accepted a complete challenge to her world view and seemed very comfortable with the existence of the devil. One would expect a highly trained professional would take seeing Satan's face with more skepticism.

2 The Scooby-Doo Effect

In nearly every episode of Scooby-Doo, the gang unmasks a human villain and the same classic line is delivered. "I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids!". Even the best shows can get a little predictable several seasons in. Becoming formulaic in the third season doesn't bode well for a series. How many times have we followed Chloe and Lucifer into the interrogation room with the first suspect in a new case? Each interview ends the same way. The first suspect is shocked to learn the victim is dead. They then provide an alibi that exonerates them and the investigation continues. It's not a bad trope for a cop show but it's rolled out too frequently.

1 Who Tortures Who?

Lucifer -Tom Ellis gets his devil on

Lucifer's personality is really wrapped up in his career. He may have retired but he can't stop being who he is, a punisher. It's clear that the show follows a traditional interpretation of hell. It's a place where lost souls are tortured for eternity. What's unclear is exactly who is responsible for doling out the pain. Lucifer references memories of torturing victims in hell. He contradicts those memories by describing himself as management and claiming not to have been hands on. Mazakeen's skills of physical torture and interrogation are well established. Still, other episodes show us that in hell souls are tortured by their deepest guilt. Which is the true business model of hell? Does satan himself, torture souls? Is there an army of demons responsible for physically torturing the damned? Or are lost, souls doomed to torture themselves with their own minds?

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