'Lucifer', 'Supergirl' & 'Fear the Walking Dead' Posters

Lucifer spins coin

Fans of comic book adaptations would be well-advised to clear their schedules this fall, as a new wave of shows is about to crash onto the television shores. Warner Bros. Television is expanding its roster of DC-based shows in The Flash/Arrow spinoff Legends of Tomorrow, a Supergirl show on CBS starring Melissa Benoist in the title role, and the Devil-meets-detective series Lucifer on Fox.

The Walking Dead franchise has also grown too big for just one show, so AMC is debuting a spinoff series called Fear the Walking Dead later this year, which rewinds back to the very start of the zombie outbreak and focuses on a new group of survivors living in Los Angeles. We're expecting to see more from all of these shows at San Diego Comic-Con next month, but already some new teases have emerged.

New posters for Lucifer, Supergirl and Fear the Walking Dead have found their way online, possibly as part of the promo materials accompanying the announcement of Comic-Con lineups. Both the Supergirl and Fear the Walking Dead posters resemble concept pieces, but the Lucifer poster (currently only available in low resolution) offers a new look at lead Tom Ellis brooding over Lucifer's piano.

The Supergirl poster is a little unusual since it seems to deliberately avoid showing the character's face. Either this is a clever way of referencing the secrecy surrounding Kara Zor-El's true identity, or this is an old piece of concept art from before Melissa Benoist was cast - dug up and repurposed as a poster. As HitFix discovered after some digging to try and find the original source, this isn't an entirely new image, but it's one that Screen Rant readers may not have seen before.

Lucifer Poster Tom Ellis

Fear the Walking Dead poster

Supergirl poster

The Vertigo version of Lucifer was created by Neil Gaiman as a character in the Sandman comics and then later given his own series by Mike Carey. The show will stick to the basic premise of Lucifer getting bored of his position in Hell and opening a piano bar in Los Angeles, but will add a procedural twist by having Lucifer aid an L.A.P.D. homicide detective (Lauren German) in the messy business of catching criminals.

Lucifer has already begun to draw comparisons to Constantine, since it's another supernatural show based on a Vertigo comic with a little-known British actor playing the lead. Unlike John Constantine, Lucifer isn't really known for walking around everywhere with a cigarette in his mouth, but this poster indicates that the TV show version will be a smoker. Then again, perhaps it's just an allusion to his origins.

Supergirl will premiere on CBS at 8:30 p.m. EST on October 26th, 2015. Fear the Walking Dead will premiere on AMC in August, and Lucifer will arrive on Fox some time this fall.

Source: CBM, HitFix

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