Lucifer: 10 Storylines That Need To Be Resolved In The Final Season

The hit Netflix series Lucifer is ending with its upcoming fifth season. Here are 10 storylines that seriously need resolving before the series ends.

After an incredibly successful fourth season was released on Netflix, Lucifer fans all over the world were thrilled to hear that the show had been renewed for a fifth season. However, that exciting announcement came with a caveat: the series had been renewed for a fifth season, but it would also be its final season, too. Given all that season four left up in the air for the series, season five will have quite a lot of work to do, when it comes to providing a satisfying conclusion for the cult hit series.

Season five will reportedly also only consist of ten episodes, just like the streamlined and high-quality season four did. But ten episodes just isn't very many episodes, when it comes to wrapping up all the loose ends the series still has to tie off. There are plenty of ways that things could go for the series from here on out, but we've rounded up a list of ten significant storylines the series really needs to resolve before it ends.

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10 Dan finally faces consequences for his actions

Dan Espinosa and Ella Lopez in Lucifer

Dan Espinosa has been one of the series' most polarizing characters from day one, and far and away one of the most poorly executed parts of the series. He's never been a reliable character, with personality changes and loyalty shifts happening whenever the plot dictates the need for them, rather than as a result of any clear character growth or regression.

Time and again, Dan has flaunted authority, making countless criminal decisions that put the lives of people he allegedly cares for in danger. Most recently, he took a hit out on Lucifer that nearly killed his own daughter, Trixie - a crime that resident good girl Ella covered up for him. It's about time that someone like Dan finally learns that he's not able to do whatever he wants, regardless of who it could hurt.

9 Mazikeen figures out what she wants in her life

While Dan needs to finally face consequences for his many poor actions, Mazikeen needs to finally find a purpose in her life. At this point in the series, her character has essentially been relegated to the character who marks alternately cruel or snarky comments whenever the moment calls for them. Her friendships with Linda and Trixie both receive minimal screentime, as do her pursuits of bounty hunting.

It's not clear, therefore, what purpose Maze serves in the overarching narrative of the series anymore. Season five needs to establish a new purpose and a new journey for Lucifer's once faithful demon, and it needs to do it quickly; otherwise, this disappointing trend will continue.

8 Eve's journey of self-discovery

Eve in Lucifer Season 4

One of the best decisions the series made in its critically acclaimed fourth season was introducing Inbar Lavi's Eve, the original sinner herself. For the entire season, Eve was driven by her love of Lucifer, and her need to do whatever she could to earn his love. By season's end, however, she came to the realization that she had merely traded her life of subservience to Adam for a life of attempted subservience to Lucifer.

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As a result, she also realized that she really didn't know who she was, deep down, and that she needed to take some time to figure out who she is and what she wants. It would be easy enough for the series to jump time and have Eve return to Los Angeles a changed woman. But we want to see some of her journey too. She deserves the time to grow.

7 Ella's relationship with faith

Faith and religion are, understandably, major aspects of the series, and have been from the very beginning. But no character has been defined by their faith and their relationship with God in the way that the steadfastly Christian Ella Lopez has from her very introduction. Always considering herself deeply religious, Ella would go on to experience a true crisis of faith in the series' fourth season.

She experienced a bit of a downward spiral, skipping church services in favor of staying out drinking or binge-watching. She didn't pray anymore and didn't wear her cross any longer, either. By the season's end, it seemed like she was on her way to repair her relationship with God. Hopefully, the fifth season can explore this in greater detail.

6 Linda and Amenadiel's baby's identity is explored

Amenadiel and Linda Martin in Lucifer Season 4

One of the biggest shocks of the fourth season was the reveal that, somehow, Linda had wound up pregnant with Amenadiel's celestially gifted child. In the season's final episodes, Linda gave birth to a little boy, Charlie, who would wind up being abducted by a group of demons, determined to turn the half-angel child into their new leader. After Charlie's rescue, the series wasn't able to explore the nature of Charlie's identity in any way.

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Season five has a lot to answer in that regard. It's clear that Linda and Amenadiel are intent upon raising the child on Earth, even if he would be safer in Heaven, and while he may not have been born with angelic wings, that doesn't mean he won't possess some of the many gifts his father does. We can't wait to see how Charlie's identity unfolds.

5 A celestial family reunion

Tom Ellis and DB Woodside in Lucifer

Over the course of the series, Lucifer and Amenadiel's once fraught relationship has grown considerably, becoming one of the most important and most supportive dynamics in the entire show. Throughout the series, various members of their extended family have made appearances, including "Charlotte," Uriel, and Remiel.

Season five, therefore, needs to provide a sense of closure for the celestial family unit. It's not clear if the series will ever truly introduce the character of God, beyond Neil Gaiman's voice work and Timothy Omundson's previous role as God Johnson. But at the very least, more members of their otherworldly family need to appear and deepen the exploration of this family's backstory.

4 Ella learns the truth about Lucifer's identity

Lucifer Morningstar and Ella Lopez in Lucifer

As we've already explained, Ella Lopez, more than any other character in the series, has been defined by her faith. She's also been presented as one of the kindest and most compassionate characters in the series. It's only a matter of time, therefore, before the series allows Ella to finally learn the truth about the nature of Lucifer's identity.

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He's certainly tried plenty of times to reveal the truth to her, but she always laughs it off as method acting or something similar, never once taking his confessions seriously. But now that almost all of the main characters know the truth of Lucifer's identity, it's about time that Ella be allowed to know, too. She just might have the warmest reaction of them all.

3 Lucifer's return to Earth

Lucifer Morningstar in hell in Lucifer Season 4

When season four came to an end, Lucifer, once again sporting his pristine white angelic wings, found himself reluctantly forced to return to serve as the king of Hell, in order to prevent demons uprising on Earth more than they already had. It's entirely likely that season five will start with a considerable time jump, showing how long Lucifer has been serving in Hell again, and how life on Earth has carried on in his absence.

But the series can't waste too much time dragging their heels before he is allowed to return to Earth. There's not much that can possibly happen of interest or importance to the overall series that can happen while he's serving as king. He's needed on Earth, and the series has made that abundantly clear.

2 Chloe's destiny is revealed

In the first season, it was a shocking, emotional revelation: Chloe is the only human who is capable of making Lucifer physically vulnerable - not to mention emotionally, at that. The second season doubled down on this fact, revealing that Chloe was a miraculous conception, born specifically so that she could be put in Lucifer's path on Earth.

But the series has stalled on both of these fronts, not once explaining the significance of Chloe's birth, or her ability to make Lucifer vulnerable. At least Chloe is now aware of her ability to make Lucifer vulnerable, as season four explored their changed relationship beautifully. Hopefully, season five continues this trend, by finally answering questions that viewers, Lucifer, and Chloe alike deserve to have answered.

1 Chloe and Lucifer's relationship

Before Lucifer was forced to return to Hell at the end of the fourth season, another major change finally occurred in the series: Lucifer and Chloe admitted their true romantic love for one another, something that has been a long time coming in the series. The partners in crime solving have transcended from frenemies to partners to friends and finally to lovers. They make each other vulnerable, and have literally been through Hell and back for each other.

Season five, therefore, owes it to these characters, and the series' many fans, to finally explore what it would be like for these two to be in a relationship - and what it would mean, truly, for the devil to fall in love. Hopefully, the series can somehow find a happy ending for these unlikely lovers. After all that they've been through together, they deserve it.

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