What To Expect From Lucifer Season 5

Lucifer Season 5 Release Date & Story Details

Now that it's on Netflix, is Lucifer season 5 going to happen, or is the show done forever this time? After an unholy end at the hands of FOX this time last year, Lucifer's future was uncertain. Luckily for the show, its passionate fans and cast were lucky enough to gaze upon the Lord of Hell once more when it was picked up by Netflix for season 4.

While this DC adaptation has clearly gotten off to a rip-roaring start on its new home, the future of the series was still a little up in the air since it's an existing property that transferred networks. Typically, Netflix waits about a month before announcing a renewal for one of their original shows, which Lucifer now is, so an immediate announcement was never expected.

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Lucifer season 4 is considered a success by third-party analytic firms, and since its devout fan base is what ultimately got it renewed by Netflix in the first place, it would make sense for the streaming service to give Lucifer season 5 a shot. But is it happening?

Last updated: June 6, 2019

Lucifer Season 5 Renewal

Lucifer season 4 has been wildly successful with its existing worldwide fan base, as well as with Netflix, so it wasn't a surprise that the streaming service ordered Lucifer season 5. However, while this is great news for Lucifer fans, it seems there's a catch: Lucifer season 5 will be its last. While an episode count hasn't been announced, season 5 should have no more than 10 episodes, as is customary with more streaming shows.

When Could Lucifer Season 5 Release?

Lucifer Season 5 Release Date When

In line with Netflix's usual release methods, Lucifer season 5's quick renewal means it should return relatively soon. Taking its production schedule into account as well as the fact that Netflix renewed the show in early summer, Lucifer season 5 should then release in either late spring or early summer 2020.

What Lucifer Season 5's Story Will Be About

Lucifer Season 5 Release Date & Story

We know that Lucifer season 4 ended on a remarkable cliffhanger. While fans finally got the confession that they've been waiting literal seasons for from Lucifer about the fact that he's in love with LAPD detective, Chloe Decker, the show has cruelly sent him back to Hell to rule over the damned. That's right - Lucifer has once again done a runner, but this time not out of cowardice; it's to keep Chloe and Earth safe from malcontent demons who have been too long without a King.

With Lucifer season 5, we haven't really had much in the way of set-up for a plot in this latest season so it's all open to speculation. We already know that Lucifer can come and go from Hell as he pleases, so one possibility that stays true to the procedural style of the show would be him getting inadvertently caught up in Decker's crime-solving shenanigans when he does go topside to check up on her.

Alternatively, Lucifer could easily go another route and focus on some celestial mayhem for once. Season 4 set up and resolved rather neatly a number of plot points relating to how angels can be as much of a pain in the rear as demons, and there's still the matter of Decker being put in Lucifer's path by God himself that hasn't been fully explored or explained. With Lucifer taking a prolonged leave of absence from the mortal plane, some celestial trouble could take center stage and force him back into the LAPD's orbit.

Whatever the driving narrative force ends up being for Lucifer season 5, it's clear that we're unlikely to end up with Lucifer being content to sit on his throne and do anything. We might get a slice-of-life view of what it's like to rule Hell for a couple of episodes, but the way that things were left with Chloe is simply too juicy for the writers to pass up on if they're given a whole season to play with. Here's hoping that Netflix wraps up Lucifer the right way in season 5.

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