8 Things We Know So Far About Lucifer Season 4

For three years, the series Lucifer, loosely based on the DC Vertigo comic of the same name, aired on the broadcast network Fox. Following the adventures of the devil himself, Lucifer Morningstar, as he served as a consultant to LAPD detective Chloe Decker, the series blended the familiar nature of procedural series with plenty of humor and supernatural mysteries. The series was never a massive hit in the ratings, but it acquired a considerable worldwide online fanbase, and a few staunch media critic supporters, too.

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After a longer than usual wait, Season 4 is finally on the way, and fans everywhere are eager to know what's in store for their favorite crime fighting duo. We may not know much about what the season holds, but this is what we know so far.

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Lucifer Netflix

It's not every day that a cancelled cult hit series gets a second chance. Lucifer is one of the rare exceptions to that rule. After being cancelled after three seasons by Fox, Lucifer's dedicated fans all across the world embarked on a social media campaign to try and save their show.

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Rumors swirled for weeks - would it be picked up by another network, or one of the many streaming platforms, or not at all? Finally, in June 2018, the news came that Netflix had ordered a fourth season of the series, set to release some time in 2019.


Graham McTavish Saint of Killers - Preacher

With Lieutenant Marcus Pierce, also known as Cain, presumably out of the picture, it was only a matter of time before Lucifer found another religion related nemesis. For Season 4, that role may be filled by the character of Father Kinley, who has been described as a "kind, deeply empathetic and revered priest."

Played by Outlander and Preacher scene stealer Graham McTavish, Father Kinley is "profoundly committed to guarding his flock. That includes doing whatever it takes to keep mankind safe from evil — which doesn’t bode well for a certain devil living in Los Angeles." It suffices to say that the relationship between Lucifer and Father Kinley will provide the series with plenty of conflict for the whole season.


Lucifer - Tom Ellis

A common complaint among even the most dedicated of Lucifer fans during its third season was that the series often felt as though it was spinning its wheels. One of the hazard of lengthy broadcast television seasons is that series are often required to produce more episodes than the stories that they are telling likely need. A benefit of the move to Netflix, therefore, is that the season will be a tightly packed, streamlined 10 episodes.

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Leading man Tom Ellis is particularly excited about the change: “I’m excited about the fact that we are 10 episodes now as opposed to 22, which means we can get right down to the storytelling, and every episode will count. From my point of view as an actor, that’s great.”


Tom Ellis and DB Woodside in Lucifer

The sibling rivalry between angelic Amenadiel and devilish Lucifer, as well as their underlying love for one another, has long been one of the most integral parts of the series. We've met some of the duo's siblings so far, including trouble maker Uriel and messenger Azrael, but season four is posed to introduce a truly unique angel - one of Amenadiel's siblings, who may not be a sibling of Lucifer's.

Actress Vinessa Vidotto will have a guest starring role as Remiel, one of Amenadiel's younger angel siblings who looks up to him but struggles with feeling "under-appreciated or overshadowed while struggling to match his towering standards."


When the third season finale of Lucifer came to its dramatic end, the series had already been cancelled, and fans were left to deal with a truly surprising cliffhanger. Chloe, long left in the dark about Lucifer's identity despite plenty of signs along the way, finally bore witness to the disturbing reality of his devil face - and before she could react, the finale was over.

It goes without saying that fans have plenty of reason to be worried about what comes next for the beloved duo of Lucifer and Chloe. But with the season premiere's title being "Everything's Okay," maybe there's hope for a peaceful connection between these two after all.


Lucifer Tom Ellis TV Trailer

We've already talked about the social media fan campaign that was launched around the world in an effort to get Lucifer picked up by another network. Using the #SaveLucifer hashtag, fans racked up thousands upon thousands of tweets, Instagram posts, petitions, YouTube videos, and more.

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As a fun tip of the hat toward the fans that made this all possible, showrunner Joe Henderson has revealed that episode nine - the penultimate of the season - will, in fact, be titled "Save Lucifer." We have no way of knowing just what that means contextually at this point, but the sweetness of the gesture still stands.


Tom Ellis in the Lucifer season premiere

One of the pitfalls of airing on broadcast television involves having to conform to standards and practices rating requirements. As a result, Lucifer, a character predisposed to indulging in all sorts of sins, had a relatively modest lifestyle, while the series did as much as it could to push the boundaries and test their limits. Now airing on Netflix, however, all bets are off as to what content the series can include.

One thing that may definitely be making an appearance? A little more skin. According to Tom Ellis, "I think Joe Henderson, our showrunner, has been adamant that he wants to have my bum on screen for three seasons and now we can finally do that.”


In a series about the man blamed for the creation of sin, it was only a matter of time before the world's original sinner arrived to stir up some trouble. Inbar Lavi, who previously starred in the short-lived series Imposters, will be appearing in the heavily recurring role of Eve, who has come to earth because, according to TV Insider's report, "After an eternity with Adam, she’s grown restless in her marriage and longs for a less predictable time when things were exciting. Naughty. Dangerous."

Eve reportedly, "misses her hot and heavy first love...the charming rogue who tempted her so many years ago. That’s right, the devil himself…Lucifer." And as this exclusive photo from TV Line shows, Lucifer may be the one who's tempted this time around.

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