Lucifer Season 4: 10 Things We Learned From The Trailer

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When Fox cancelled Lucifer back in the spring of 2018, it did so when the series' third -and then final - season had ended on a massive cliffhanger. After three long years of back and forth and fans wondering when the truth would finally come out, the series finally made it happen: Detective Chloe Decker learned that Lucifer Morningstar was, in fact, the Devil himself. And then, before so much as an answer to her reaction could even be teased, the rug was pulled out from under fans the world over when Fox opted not to renew the cult hit series.

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And that's where Netflix came in to save the day. After a month-long passionate fan campaign, Netflix picked Lucifer up for a fourth season, which will finally be dropping on May 8. After nearly a year of waiting, fans will finally get to see what the campy fantasy crime procedural has in store for them. If the teaser trailer is anything to go by, fans are going to be getting everything they've hoped for in some ways - and so much more than they ever could have imagined, in others. Here's what we know so far based on the short trailer.

10 Things are getting raunchier

Mazikeen in Lucifer Season 4

One of the biggest problems that many viewers had with the series when it was still airing on Fox was its inability to embrace some of the more sordid aspects of its source material. But with the move to Netflix, it sure looks like Lucifer will be embracing some more adult storylines and racy content overall.

The trailer begins with Mazikeen showing up to look for Lucifer, who seems to have just taken part in some sort of over the top sex party in his apartment, with various attendees in states of undress and passed out all over the floor and furniture. And given Lucifer's predilection for indulging fantasies and desires alike, we're not really surprised. We can only wonder how racy things will really get.

9 Chloe is looking for answers in religion

Chloe Decker in Lucifer Season 4 Netflix

When season three ended, Chloe had finally learned the truth firsthand: Lucifer Morningstar is the Devil, and she saw his true face in the flesh. As the trailer opens, Chloe is still seemingly working with Lucifer, but it's clear that she's a changed woman from the one she was before. "After I saw your face, I felt lost," she tells Lucifer in a voiceover.

And at that same moment, Chloe is shown walking down the aisle in a church. She is also glimpsed interacting with Graham McTavish's character, who has been described as a priest who will serve as an enemy to the series' central Devil. We don't know what sort of answers Chloe will find in religion, but we're already a little worried.

8 Lucifer is spiraling and self-medicating

Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer Season 4

It's hard to tell exactly what kind of reaction Chloe has to the truth about Lucifer, based on most of this trailer. But whatever her reaction may be, we sure get a real sense of Lucifer's reaction to her reaction. At multiple points during the trailer, Lucifer is seen drinking and partying harder than ever before. He's always been a hedonist on the series, but he looks rougher than we've ever seen him during these scenes.

Even in a quiet moment with Detective Decker at the piano in his apartment, which has become their place over the years, Lucifer looks pretty shaken up. Maybe his current emotional state has nothing to do with Chloe learning the truth, or maybe it does. But something clearly has unsettled the Devil himself.

7 Lucifer and Eve get hot and heavy...

Lucifer Morningstar and Eve kiss in Lucifer Season 4

It was an early announcement during the production of season four, that Inbar Lavi would be joining the series in a major recurring role as Eve, as in the biblical duo of Adam and Eve. As humanity's first sinner, Eve has always had a close relationship with the Devil, who was responsible for the temptation of her and the creation of sin within the human race.

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Lucifer seems to be going quite literal with this temptation, as it sure looks like Lucifer and Eve have some intense sexual chemistry and history to go with it. At multiple points in the trailer, the duo are either kissing or in states of undress, and Dan himself even calls Eve Lucifer's girlfriend. We can only wonder how this relationship will affect Lucifer and Chloe's bond.

6 ...and so do Ella and Eve?!

Ella Lopez and Eve kiss in Lucifer Season 4

But maybe Lucifer and Eve's relationship is going to be a misdirect. Maybe the real relationship we should all be talking about is the one glimpsed in a blink and miss it moment in the trailer's many montages. At one point, viewers get to witness a surprising kiss, between Aimee Garcia's fan favorite Ella Lopez and Lavi's Eve herself.

Eve is clearly meant to represent temptation in all its many forms in this season, as Lucifer is coming to redefine his identity. But it seems like Lucifer isn't the only one who will fall prey to Eve's many charms. We don't know what the story holds for the relationship between Ella and Eve, but sign us up for it anyway.

5 Amenadiel returns

Amenadiel in Lucifer Season 4

Just before the ending of season three, Lucifer's brother Amenadiel received a truly shocking surprise: the return of his angel's wings. After Charlotte's senseless murder, Amenadiel was given his wings back, which allowed him to take flight and transport her soul to Heaven where it belonged. Following that, Amenadiel was neither seen nor heard from for the rest of the season.

But that all changes with the season four trailer. The now winged Amenadiel returns to interrogate his brother regarding the nature of his relationship with Eve - even warning him that her presence is truly dangerous.

4 Trixie and Maze patch things up

Trixie Decker and Mazikeen in Lucifer Season 4

A fan favorite realtionship, the unlikely friendship between Dan and Chloe's young daughter, Trixie, and the demon Mazikeen has been going strong for two seasons now. Except, toward the end of season three, the duo wound up on bad terms with one another, after Trixie overheard Maze arguing with Dan and calling her a brat in the process.

But if the season four trailer is anything to go by, it looks like these two will be on good terms once again. A brief hug can be glimpsed between the two during the trailer, with Trixie grinning bright as ever. Here's to hoping for a speedy reconciliation.

3 Lucifer is embracing his Devil side more than ever

Lucifer Morningstar Devil in Lucifer Season 4

Lucifer has struggled to reconcile the truth of his Devil nature with his life as Lucifer Morningstar for the series' entire run. But if the season four trailer is to be believed, it sure seems like - with Eve's convincing - Lucifer is willing to go bigger and badder than ever before. Multiple scenes in the trailer find him engaging in violent moments, with both his Devil face and Devil eyes on display.

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It's not clear what leads him to this point, or whether it has anything to do with how the truth is handled by Chloe. But it's certainly concerning to see Lucifer regress this way, after he's made such progress in seasons past.

2 A really emotional Lucifer and Chloe confrontation is coming

Chloe Decker in Lucifer Season 4

For the first half of the trailer, the Netflix series seems to dance around the nature of Chloe's reaction to the truth about Lucifer's identity. The duo are working together still, and though she seems a little off, Chloe doesn't really seem to be showing many emotions at all. That is, until a scene finds the two of them alone, in Lucifer's apartment.

He asks her point blank, "Could you accept who I truly am?" Chloe, sobbing hysterically, tells him, "I don't know." The scene is then contrasted with Eve telling Lucifer he doesn't have to change at all. So there's clearly some real tension to be expected between these three characters, and these diametrically opposed relationships.

1 A dangerous new prophecy

Graham McTavish in Lucifer Season 4

"When the Devil finds his first love, evil shall be released." Those are the daunting words uttered by Graham McTavish's character in one of his scenes with Chloe glimpsed in the trailer. If that doesn't sound like an ominous prophecy for the entire season...

We can't help but wonder, too, just exactly what the prophecy means. Will the first love refer to Eve, who was the first woman altogether, or perhaps to Chloe, who could very well be Lucifer's first true love? Only time will tell. But it's clear that there are some real threatening stakes at hand here for this possible love triangle. And we're as anxious as ever.

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