Lucifer Season 4 Has Been Picked Up by Netflix

Lucifer Netflix

After being canceled during its third season on Fox, season 4 of Lucifer has been officially picked up by Netflix. This comes after a major social media campaign from fans of the show begged to see it it be resurrected

Based on the comic book characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith, and Mike Dringenberg, Lucifer follows the titular Prince of Darkness (played by Tom Ellis) as he abandons his post in Hell and decides to live among mortals on Earth. In doing so, he kicks off his new life running a club in Los Angeles, which eventually leads him into the company of Detective Chloe Decker (played by Lauren German) following a murder case. This relationship leads to him becoming a consultant for the LAPD on account of his inherent knack for placing judgment on sinners. Unfortunately, Fox recently gave Lucifer its own harsh judgment in the form of a swift cancellation.

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After Lucifer's cancellation happened, Warner Bros. TV shopped the series around to various networks, including premium cable networks and streaming services, according to Deadline. Finally, after multiple interested buyers - and just before the series' cast contracts were close to expiring - Netflix ultimately succeeded in acquiring the show. That said, there are currently no details regarding production or release dates for the upcoming season.

Soon after the cancellation, a vehement social media campaign from Lucifer fans encouraged other networks to consider acquiring the rights to the show with the hashtag #SaveLucifer, and the campaign maintained steady support on social media in the month since Fox gave Lucifer the axe. Interestingly, Lucifer is the second canceled series from Fox to be saved this year. After Brooklyn Nine-Nine was canceled by Fox during its fifth season, NBC stepped in and saved the show within 24 hours. That rescued was also preceded by a social media outcry, which included celebrities like Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sean Astin, and Mark Hamill (who received a personal thank-you from Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews).

The concept of networks stepping in to save a canceled show isn't something that happens frequently, but it's nothing new. That said, these revivals don't always equate to success. Though comebacks for shows like Futurama, Arrested Developmentand Family Guy proved to be hits, the same can't be said for shows like Breaking In, Taxi, and Communityamong others (though there are plans for a possible Community feature-length movie). For now, only time will tell on which end of the spectrum Lucifer's comeback will ultimately land.

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Source: Deadline

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