Lucifer Season 4: 10 Most Shocking Moments

Expectations were high for the fourth season of the cult hit series Lucifer. It was the first season to be released on Netflix, as the streaming service picked up the series after FOX canceled the low rated but incredibly beloved supernatural drama. Therefore, it was also the first season to have more creative freedom in terms of a content rating than the standard network television ratings would allow. On top of all of that, it would be the shortest season of the entire series, at a streamlined ten episodes.

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Expectations ran incredibly high; however, the series did the unthinkable and delivered in every possible way. Lucifer's fourth season stands as perhaps the best season the series has ever produced, full of incredibly meaningful emotional growth for its core characters, as well as some truly shocking turns. Here, we take a look back at the ten most shocking things that happened in the fourth season.

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Amenadiel and Linda Martin in Lucifer Season 4
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10 Linda is pregnant with Amenadiel's baby

Amenadiel and Linda Martin in Lucifer Season 4

The relationship between Linda and Amenadiel was teased throughout the series' polarizing third season. But no one could have expected the shocking turn their short-lived relationship took during the series' fourth season. At the end of the second episode, Linda reveals a truly world-changing surprise to Amenadiel; somehow, she is pregnant.

This represents the first time a celestial being has impregnated a human, which leads to some amazing scenes of bonding between Linda, Amenadiel, and Maze, as well as some real points of conflict between Amenadiel and his sister, fellow angel Remiel.

9 Chloe is working with Father Kinley

Chloe Decker and Father Kinley in Lucifer Season 4

Generally, most episodes of Lucifer's fourth season end on a cliffhanger, but few of them pack the emotional punch of the first episode. After only just meeting with Lucifer and confirming that she still considers him her partner, Chloe visited a nearby church and promptly broke down in tears.

After her emotional break, Chloe is then visited by the mysterious Father Kinley, who tries to reassure Chloe that she is doing the right thing. As the next episode reveals, Chloe has been working with Father Kinley to try and send Lucifer back to Hell. She quickly changes her mind, but the shock of the initial reveal still stands.

8 Dan arranges a hit on Lucifer's life that nearly kills Trixie

Chloe Decker Trixie Decker and Dan Espinosa in Lucifer Season 4

Dan has consistently been the series' most frustrating character, and oftentimes one of its easiest to hate. It never really seems like the writers know what to do with his character, but the poor characterization reaches a new low in the fourth season. Driven by his hatred of Lucifer and blaming him for everything that has gone wrong recently, Dan puts out a hit on Lucifer's life.

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What he could never have anticipated, however, is that his own daughter with Chloe, Trixie, would be present in Lucifer's apartment when the assassin arrived. Thanks to Eve's quick protection, and Lucifer's super strength, the assassin was subdued and Trixie wound up okay. But that was definitely too close a call - and even worse knowing Dan will never be punished for it.

7 Amenadiel's young friend Caleb is killed

DB Woodside as Amenadiel in Lucifer Season 4

The fourth season's eighth episode, "Super Bad Boyfriend," spent half of its time on a relatively light-hearted storyline, where Lucifer tried to be as bad a boyfriend as possible in order to make Eve break up with him. It's possibly the lightest plot in the entire season, but the episode as a whole is balanced out and mostly worth remembering for the secondary plot with Amenadiel.

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Amenadiel befriends a young African-American boy named Caleb, who is being framed for murder after getting caught up in running drugs for a drug dealer in a wealthy private school. He manages to buy Caleb's debt off, and passionately defends his honor to everyone willing to listen. He clearly thinks of the young boy as a potential son, which makes each moment all the more precious - and makes Caleb's murder at the drug dealer's hands all the more devastating.

6 Baby Charlie is captured

Linda Martin in Lucifer Season 4

The identity of Linda and Amenadiel's baby as a partially supernatural being is hotly discussed and debated throughout the entire season. Remiel believes the baby should be raised in Heaven, and even going into the season finale, Amenadiel thinks so, too. That's what makes baby Charlie's sudden disappearance at the start of the finale so truly shocking and heartbreaking.

Viewers, just as the characters, are led to believe that Amenadiel could have been responsible for this. But as it turns out, baby Charlie was captured by a group of individuals with truly nefarious purposes, and thankfully would go on to be rescued by our heroes just in the nick of time.

5 Lucifer's angel wings become devil wings

Lucifer Morningstar wings in Lucifer Season 4

Lucifer's wings have been used as an integral representation of his emotional and heroic journey. In the first season, he is without his wings, having purposefully had them cut off when he came to Earth. At the end of the second season, his wings are returned to him, seemingly without cause. But in the fourth season, the wings take on an entirely new meaning.

After murdering Cain - the first human he is responsible for killing - and descending further along a path of revenge and darkness, Lucifer makes a startling discovery. His wings, once pristine angel white, have suddenly turned red, horned, and absolutely devilish.

4 Eve kills Father Kinley

Inbar Lavi as Eve in Lucifer Season 4

Toward the season's end, after Lucifer harshly breaks up with her and shatters her heart in the progress, it becomes clear that Eve will go to any lengths to do whatever it takes to win him back. She becomes so desperate and emotional that she is even willing to open the gates of hell and invite all of its demons into the world, so they can try and reclaim their king.

In order to do this, however, she needs a recently deceased body. So, conveniently enough, Father Kinley tries to kill her, and she kills him as a result, both in self-defense and in the need to fulfill her last-ditch effort to secure Lucifer's affection.

3 Lucifer undergoes a full devil transformation

Chloe Decker reacts to Lucifer's transformation in Lucifer Season 4

It was bad enough when Lucifer found that his wings had gone from angelic to devilish. But the ninth episode of the fourth season doubles, triples, quadruples down on this unexpected turn of events, finding Lucifer gradually transforming fully into his devilish alter ego. His eyes go red, his skin turns devilish and distorted, his wings and claws and the whole nine yards return.

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It all comes in conjunction with the realization that he hates himself, and all the evil he has been responsible for throughout his life and throughout history. Only through Chloe's guidance and the realization that he wants to change and forgive himself, is he allowed to return to his now human form.

2 Demons arrive on Earth

Demons in Lucifer Season 4

This event, in particular, was foreshadowed by Eve's discussions with and subsequent murder of Father Kinley. But true to his words, demons soon begin to arrive on Earth and wreak havoc, grabbing baby Charlie and killing as many humans as they can to build their own little demon army.

What's truly shocking is the sheer number of murders they commit in an endeavor to add to their ranks, which seems to be upwards of hundreds in the climactic battle during the finale episode. The demons are only subdued once Lucifer assumes his true devil form once again and bellows for them to listen to their king and return whence they came. But by then, the damage has long been done.

1 Lucifer returns to hell as king

Lucifer Morningstar in hell in Lucifer Season 4

After sending the demons back to hell, it seems like all might be able to return to normal - or as normal as things can get in this universe, at least. When Chloe arrives at Lucifer's apartment to make a confession of her feelings to him, however, it quickly becomes apparent that this isn't the case at all.

Despite the two declaring their love for one another in different ways and sharing a tearful kiss goodbye, Lucifer is required to return to hell to once again rule as their king, in order to prevent any of the demons returning and trying to cause chaos again. The season ends with Lucifer sitting on the throne in hell, forlornly staring out over the darkness around him. What happens next? Only time will tell, assuming the series is renewed.

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