Lucifer Season 4 Confirmed To Have Only 10 Episodes

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Netflix has ordered 10 brand-new episodes of Lucifer, with production set to start "August-ish," according to co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich. Last week, Netflix surprised fans by picking up Lucifer for season 4 after the series had been canceled by FOX during its third season. The good news came following a massive social media campaign, which found gutted fans pleading for the show's return.

Based on comic book characters created by Mike Dringenberg, Sam Keith, and Neil Gaiman, the series follows a certain Prince of Darkness (Tom Ellis), who abruptly abandons his duties in Hell to rub elbows with mortal on Earth. Complications ensue when Lucifer opens up a sprawling Los Angeles nightclub and makes the acquaintance of Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German). Soon enough, The Fiery One has become a consultant for the LAPD, since he's graced with the uncanny ability to root out the sinners. Following the show's cancellation, Warner Bros. TV started shopping the series around, eventually landing with Netflix, though the details of that agreement were unclear at the time.

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Co-showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich now tell TV Line that Lucfier season 4 will have 10 new episodes, although the season might ultimately wind up running a bit longer, since one of the bonus episodes that's already filmed may get tucked in the mix. All of these new episodes are expected to run roughly 43 minutes a piece, as they did on FOX, but the showrunners are excited they can be more flexible with running times if need be. Henderson reveals it was fans' overwhelming response to the cancellation that ultimately influenced Netflix's decision to pick up the show: "With social media, the fans now can make a differenceand that is the coolest part of this whole experience."

Indeed, fans really demonstrated exactly what it takes to orchestrate an aggressive (and ultimately successful) social media campaign in the aftermath of Lucifer's cancellation. Not only did they strongly encourage other networks to pick up rights to the show but they also peppered Twitter and Facebook users with the #SaveLucifer hashtag. Now, their persistence and hard work has paid off in spades.

Of course, 10 episodes is a far cry from the series' normal 22-episode order, but the showrunners are planning on filming it as a two-parter anyway, so the 10 episodes will essentially act like the first-half of a regular season. With that regard, Modrovich says that there's always potential for more seasons, so Lucifer season 4 may not be the end of the comic book series either. This will be Netflix's first DC Comics/Vertigo TV series, after all, and that could potentially lead to future partnerships between them and Warner Bros. Television.

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Source: TV Line

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