Lucifer Season 3 Adds Smallville’s Tom Welling

Tom Welling Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum in Smallville

Former Superman Tom Welling will be joining the Lucifer cast for season 3. After a successful two seasons, the show will be introducing more new characters and storylines for the devil to deal with. But how will he deal with Superman? Don't worry, Clark Kent isn't appearing on the show. But Welling will be making an appearance in a supporting role.

One of the strengths of Lucifer, is that they're not afraid to keep the audience on their toes. The writers clearly love changing up the dynamics between characters as we've seen so often over the course of the previous seasons. Last season saw the writers bring in Lucifer's Mom, which certainly caused him a headache or two. But now they're going to try to mess with his mind (and his heart) in other ways.

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Welling's character will be something of a love interest for Detective Decker, according to Variety. As fans of the show will already be aware, Decker and Lucifer have a 'will they/won't they' theme flowing through the series. They've flirted since day one, and every so often they get close, until one of them pulls away. So with a new man on the scene, it sounds like Lucifer is going to get very jealous, very quickly.

"Welling will play Marcus Pierce, an accomplished police lieutenant. While he’s reserved and well-respected, like Lucifer (Tom Ellis), he’s charming, charismatic and handsome. So when Pierce starts developing a connection with Decker (Lauren German), the devil comes out in Lucifer."

Tom Ellis in Lucifer

An accomplished police lieutenant is more of a romantic match for Decker than the literal ruler of Hell, but will he be so devilish for long? After the end of season 2, Lucifer was left with some questions. Since there's always a mystery to solve, the season 3 summary gives us a tease of what to expect will be troubling Lucifer and his friends for the upcoming year.

"When “Lucifer” returns for season three, Lucifer has resolved the problem of Mom aka Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) — but he must confront the problem of figuring out who kidnapped him and why his angel wings have returned."

So it looks like a lot of things are changing for Lucifer, and not all for the good. And even though he was the one to defy his Dad, surely he should be happy about his angel wings returning to him? If anything it shows that he's growing as a person. It's possible that his work with Detective Decker, and even his own romantic interest toward her have helped him find a sense of right and wrong inside.

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Source: Variety

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