Lucifer Season 2 Promos: Even Lucifer Prays

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Fans were intrigued when FOX added a TV version of the DC/Vertigo title Lucifer to its prime time lineup. The show follows the titular Lucifer (Tom Ellis) as he returns to the mortal world out of boredom, and, after getting mixed up in a murder case, decides to help LAPD Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) punish criminals. The crime-fighting duo is occasionally interrupted by larger issues, like tetchy angels and visits to Hell. Season one, which wrapped up this spring, saw Lucifer bargain with God to save Chloe, resulting in the fallen angel being assigned to recapture his own mother, Charlotte, and return her to hell.

Though viewers learned a bit more about the second season from the show's Comic-Con trailer, many are still eager to learn what's in store for Lucifer's cast of characters. Luckily, FOX has now released two additional tears for the new season that may do just that.

The first teaser, featured above and titled "Even Lucifer Prays", offers a punchy look at what's to come in season 2 as Lucifer gears up to face off against mommy dearest, played by Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica). Quippy conversations with allies intercut with footage of Charlotte doing her demonic thing all send one message: beating her will not be easy. At the end of the trailer, Lucifer resorts to praying, much to the surprise of Chloe. "It usually works," he explains, before looking to the sky and asking, "Is this thing on?"

Meanwhile, the second teaser, "Where Does Maze Belong?" gives fans a glimpse at Mazikeen, a.k.a. Maze's impending story line. The once ever-loyal demoness, unwilling to join in Lucifer's godly pursuits, now finds herself adrift. The trailer puts it simply: "I need to get away from Lucifer," Lesley-Ann Brandt says in voiceover, "I need to figure out where I fit in in this world."

Amidst the dry comedy and intense action that characterize the show, it seems season 2 will offer some characters an opportunity to reexamine themselves. Especially the wingless Maze, who once lived to serve Lucifer, must decide what to do with her time on Earth. Conversely, will Lucifer embrace his new, heavenly ways, or be tempted to return to the dark side? Fans are also eager to learn exactly what makes Charlotte so dangerous--why did she try to kill her own son?

Let's forget for a moment that Tricia Helfer will be playing the mother of an actor five years her junior. Let's put aside that the whole "female demons must be sexy, always" trope is tired, especially when it's being foisted upon an ancient being like Charlotte. Though the show has gotten mixed reviews because of its procedural format, many critics have highlighted the smart dialogue and stellar performances from Ellis. Perhaps this season, then, will offer the show a chance to really flesh out its characters, adding a necessary degree of seriousness to the supernatural romp. It might be time to focus less on the "comedy" and more on the "drama" aspect of this comedy-drama.

Lucifer season 2 premieres on FOX on Monday, Sept. 19, at 9 p.m. EST.

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