Lucifer: 5 Questions Season 4 Answered (& 5 New Questions We Need Answers To)

Thanks to fans, we have a Season 4 of Lucifer. Netflix picked up Lucifer after Fox canceled the show, proving that fan response can save a show. Netflix only picked up the show for a Season 4, so we hope that it will have a Season 5 and more. Not only do we enjoy the show for many reasons, but there were questions left unanswered that we need to know the answers to.

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In Season 3, we ended on a cliffhanger with several questions, both small and large. For many episodes, Lucifer had wondered and worried about how Chloe would react to seeing his face. There were times when she almost saw his face, but he was able to hide it. Would she accept him? Would she not? Most of the questions from Season 3 stemmed from this core concern/theme of acceptance, not only with Chloe, but also with Dan, Ella, and Mazkieen in different ways.

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10 Answered: Will Chloe Accept Lucifer?

Initially, Chloe didn't react well. She is a detective, so she put her detective skills to use and went to the Vatican to get answers. She wanted to know if Lucifer was good or evil. In her heart, she knew him to be good, but in seeing his face and knowing the history as it was told to her, she worries that he might be evil.

Unfortunately, she meets Father Kinley, a radical priest determined to bring Lucifer down by whatever means possible. Those means are by Chloe betraying Lucifer, which she contemplates, but thankfully doesn't. She becomes as honest with Lucifer as he has been with her, and in the end, she accepts him. In the last episode when he becomes the King of Hell to put the underlings in their place and to save everyone, she watches in awe, pride, and full-out love.

9 Answered: How Will Dan Accept Charlotte's Death?

Charlotte's tale is one of redemption. After being possessed by Lucifer's mom, she was returned to her original state, and she was determined to become a better person so not to go to hell. Tricia Helfer, the actress who played Charlotte, made her a complicated person that the viewer would root for. When she died protecting Amenadiel, it was both a sad and beautiful death. The path to redemption, to heaven, was achieved as Amenadiel scooped her into his arms and took her to heaven. We, the viewers, know this, but Dan doesn't. All Dan knows is that he loved Charlotte, and she is dead. Dan needs someone to blame, and he blames Lucifer.

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So how does Dan accept Charlotte's death? In one word: badly. For most of Season 4, he becomes the 'douche' Lucifer has always nicknamed him, making one wonder if another one of Lucifer's superpowers is being able to tell character traits or flaws. Dan becomes the dirty cop, tries to get Lucifer killed, and uses Ella when she starts to investigate the dirty cop deal. Finally, toward the end of the season, he realizes that it isn't Lucifer's fault and does accept Charlotte's death.

8 Answered: Will Maze Repair Her Relationships With Trixie & Linda?

At the end of Season 3, Maze had done a few major missteps, compromising two relationships that she holds the dearest: her friendship with Trixie, Chloe's daughter, and her friendship with Linda. We could see how this pulled at Maze because she truly loves these two. At first, we are teased about Trixie since Chloe tells Maze that Trixie doesn't want to see Maze. We quickly find out that Trixie has forgiven Maze, and it is Chloe who was trying to keep Trixie away from Maze due to fear.

Maze's relationship with Linda seems to have been repaired partly off-screen. The two are very close, with Maze now taking a protector role with Linda. Maze clearly admires Linda and her acceptance of who Maze is, demon and all. Maze actually tells Chloe that Linda accepted the truth about Maze and Lucifer much better and more easily than Chloe did. In addition, Maze accepts that the baby Linda is carrying is her former flame's, Amenadiel. Not only does is Maze okay with this, but she also takes on the role of almost a godmother to their baby. Maze will do anything to protect Linda and to protect their baby.

7 Answered: Will Lucifer Take Responsibility?

Through his many sessions with Linda, it becomes clear that Lucifer skirts around some of his major issues, preferring to blame others for them. Of course, dear Dad is why he is King of Hell, but the situation is more nuanced. He discovers that he hates himself, and that is why he begins to turn into the image of the devil, bat wings and all.

When he acknowledges this and forgives himself, his angel wings come back, and he is himself again. That said, he also has to accept that, at times, he needs to play the King of Hell role to save others. He does this at the end to save all those close to him.

6 Answered: Who Does Lucifer Acknowledge As His First Love?

We know that Lucifer loves Chloe, and that love makes him valuable and mortal. It is when Lucifer is with Chloe that he can get shot, that he can get hurt, and, although we don't know the full reason why, it does appear to be connected to that love he has for her.

However, Eve enters the scene and is called Lucifer's first love. Eve accepts Lucifer for who he is, calls him amazing, and loves him for what he saw in her. Eve, a delightful addition to the cast and mythology of the show, could be his first love, as teased in Season 4, but she is not. Chloe is who Lucifer acknowledges and accepts as his first love.

5 Need Answers: Will Lucifer Get Back To Earth?

The King of Hell is back in hell on his throne to keep the order and protect his loved ones. It looks like a very lonely experience, making us understand why Lucifer left it in the first place. Chloe and Lucifer declared their love for each other, and he does this so that more demons don't come to earth and threaten those he loves.

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We're curious what Season 5 would do with this tragic heroic ending. Would Lucifer be able to maintain both roles? Would he be able to come back to earth for a short or a long vacation? Maybe there are other demons, who are like Maze, that we could meet and give us additional layers about hell and his connections there.

4 Need Answers: What's Going To Happen With Dan & Ella?

Both Dan and Ella had a crisis of faith, of sorts, and turned to each other for comfort. At least, that is what it was at first. The second time, Dan definitely used Ella.

Will their romantic connection be continued or build in Season 5? Dan may need to become less of a 'douche' (as Lucifer would say it) in order to be worthy of extra-special Ella. We love Ella, but we may not love her with Dan.

3 Need Answers: Will Amenadiel's & Linda's Baby Have Special Powers?

So far, the baby doesn't have the wings that Amenadiel thought it might have, which made Linda breathe a sigh of relief, but how normal is their baby? Could it develop special powers, as it is part-angel?

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Bringing the family of Linda, Amenadiel, and Maze together to deal with a special-powered baby could be comedic gold.

2 Need Answers: Will Eve Find Herself?

Eve realized at the end of Season 4 that she changes herself to please the man she is with, whether that be Adam or Lucifer. She also realized that she always feels that she doesn't measure up to what they really want or who they really love (Lilith for Adam, and Chloe for Lucifer).

Even though Maze loves her for her, she decided to leave to find herself. This personal journey could be interesting, and let's be frank—more of delightful, energetic Eve would be good for the show.

1 Need Answers: Could Lilith Get A Cameo Or Come To The Show?

Eve mentioned that Adam always loved Lilith more several times. Lilith could add additional mythology to the show as someone depicted as evil for disobeying dear Dad's orders and not being second to Adam.

Bringing Lilith to the show, even for a cameo, would offer another interesting parallel to Lucifer, as they were both forced to play a role counter to their true character.

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