10 Hilarious Lucifer Memes That'll Make You Sad The Show Is Ending

Hell never seemed like a particularly desirable holiday destination. At least, until Lucifer premiered back in 2015 and made everyone swoon over the baddest boy in history. It was nothing like we were expecting, and his witty humor paired with the romantic tension that characterizes the show quickly amassed an incredible fan-following.

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Unfortunately, it's been announced that the fifth season of the show will also be the last. While fans are still trying to cope with the news, let us find some solace in the fact that we still get an entire season to lust after. That and, of course, some quality memes courtesy of one of the most sinful fandoms out there! If you're still processing the fact that Lucifer is coming to an end, we compiled a list of ten of the funniest memes inspired by the beloved show. Let's fly away!

10 You Belong Together, Damnit!

Alongside Lucifer's charm and witty remarks, there is one thing that kept fans glued to the screen for the past four years. Of course, we're talking about the chemistry and oh so frustrating love story between Lucifer and Detective Chloe. Seriously, these two are the textbook definition of a slow burn!

While the Season 4 finale of the show finally gave us the much-awaited confession on Chloe's part, it also broke our hearts when they were forced to go their separate ways. Nothing better to mend a broken heart than a hilarious meme, back when fans were literally aching for these two to get it on!

9 Liar Liar, Pants On Fire

Lucifer is nothing if not consistent! Said no one, ever. We do have to admit that at times, his rash decisions make for some serious quality television, and albeit they can be frustrating at times, his never-ending pool of sarcastic humor saves the day. So much so that, at times, you don't even need to go too far to get a meme out of the show.

This particular meme illustrates this fact by condensing a couple of scenes from a single episode. Chloe, he's seriously offended that you'd dare to think he would rashly face off some drug dealers! Not sure why because guess what? He did it anyway! So much for not lying, Lucifer.

8 I Planned The Wedding, Too

Okay, let's be honest for a second here. Lucifer is a great TV show, with extremely entertaining dialogue, action-packed scenes, enough romantic tension to power New York City, and compelling stories that stem from both the main characters and the crimes Lucifer and Chloe solve together.

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But - and it's a big but - there's another reason why we're always so interested in turning on the television and enjoying an episode of Lucifer. It's because that man is one fine looking species, and there's not a single soul on this planet who hasn't related to Amanda Bynes on at least on occasion. Right? Right?!

7 I'll Take High Definition

This one is pretty self-explanatory and hilarious in its simplicity. We have to praise the fans of the show, who manage to create quality memes that go beyond the almost-romantic relationship between Lucifer and Chloe, the titular character's sarcasm, and overall good looks. Because it's hard to stay away from those, especially the last one!

We only hope there's an actual filter out there that can make us go from horny red monster to Hollywood star. In the meantime, let's just appreciate the better version of the Devil. Also, the kid looks excellent too, so kudos! Maybe this is the next FaceApp. Anyone care to invest?

6 The Power Of The Fandom

The first Avengers movie was prolific in terms of meme material. The scene where Loki and Tony Stark exchange words and Tony announces they "have a Hulk" has paved the way for many other fandoms to create their own memes. Anything from books to television series has been a victim of this.

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Of course, Lucifer is no exception. Anyone who belongs to a fandom knows just how powerful fans can be. They can change characters, storylines, and even boycott certain aspects of the target of their love. So, it's only fitting that Lucifans know there's no Hulk that can stand against them!

5 Sarcastic Lucifer

Throughout the course of the show, we've been blessed with the many faces of the ruler of Hell. He can be sweet, angry to the point of making a grown adult cry for their mama, or all business. However, one thing has remained consistent over the past four years: Lucifer's sarcasm. He will kill you with his words.

If you are looking for a way to poke fun at your friends, then look no further than this hilarious meme. Sure, Jan, you have a boyfriend. That one isn't believable for April Fool's, let alone for life in general. Points for trying, though!

4 I Know Where I'm Spending My Vacation

Remember when we mentioned that Hell wasn't exactly leading the pack when it comes to choosing your next holiday destination? Well, if you're a fan of Lucifer, then you've probably given that original statement a second thought. How bad can Hell be, actually? If Lucifer is there, then it can't be that horrible, right?

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Die-hard fans probably agree with this, which is in the genesis of this meme right here. Don't be alarmed - making memes like this is simply the best way some fans can cope with the fact that their favorite show is coming to an end. Let's wait until the final season, perhaps we won't have to spend our next paycheck on such a flaming adventure. Here's to hoping he'll return!

3 I Will Literally End You

There are plenty of TV shows out there that have mastered the art of putting horror, comedy, and drama together. For instance, Supernatural is a fantastic example. We still shiver at the thought of some of the monsters we've seen, but we can also chuckle at Dean's witty remarks ever so often.

Lucifer isn't quite as grim as Supernatural, but it doesn't mean merit shouldn't be given at the fantastic work showrunners did with angry Lucifer. It's the stuff of nightmares, honestly. Lucifer's expression is also eerily similar to the face you make when your roommate eats the last slice of pepperoni pizza without asking. Unleash the Lucifer!

2 Have You Considered I'm Beautiful?

Just because he is the title character, doesn't mean he is without fault. He is Lucifer, after all! He was cast out of Heaven and he makes a living off of ruling Hell and punishing sinners in horrible ways. He's still a little milder than we would expect from the Devil, and a lot funnier, but still...he's the Devil, y'all.

This doesn't seem to go down great with all the fans. The heart wants what the heart wants, and when it comes to loving Lucifer, what can one do? So, if you really do hate him, have you considered that he is beautiful? Perhaps you'd like to think it over. Look at some pictures while you're at it - it might help a bit!

1 Not Today!

Okay, we'll apologize in advance for this one. We know, trust us, we know you're still not over the fact that the fifth season of Lucifer will be the last. We're all on the same boat here! But that doesn't mean we shouldn't appreciate this extremely well-crafted meme, that just so happens to be a crossover between Lucifer and Game of Thrones.

We're pretty sure that's at least one group of heartbroken fans who are planning to invade the studio and demand that the show is renewed for twenty more seasons. Trust us when we say, we know they have some tricks up their sleeves. They're are Lucifans after all!

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