Lucifer: 5 Times Maze Was The Best Friend (& 5 Times She Was The Worst)

From a lonely, frustrated bartender to a bounty hunter with a found family, Lucifer's Mazikeen wound up having a very satisfying character arc. Slowly watching her go from a somewhat loyal servant to having her own goals and relationships is a genuine treat. She’s got a long way to go, but, as she says, actions are louder than words.

Here are 5 times Maze was the best friend and, along with 5 times she was the worst.

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10 Worst: The Shirley Temple

Maze meant well, so we can’t fault her for that, and hopefully she never interacted with a child in Hell. So really, how would she know alcohol is such a big no-no for people under 21? The interaction was harmless and ultimately led to an adorable friendship between Maze and Trixie. Even if her lessons tend to be violent and a little inappropriate for a young kid, Maze wants the best for Trixie and would do anything to protect her.

9 Best: Girls’ Night Tribe

We can actually thank Maze for pretty much all of girls’ night. Sure, Lucifer pushed her to take a bet that involved Chloe and alcohol, but Maze did the rest. Inviting Chloe out led to Ella overhearing and joining too. With a party of three, Maze took it upon herself to invite Linda, and then they all bonded over crime-solving, booze, and a bar fight. Also, major props to Maze, as she only joins in at first to defend Chloe, and then actually throws some fists after another woman punches Chloe first.

Afterward, her own Maze-y way, she reassures Chloe that her actions were genuine and that she sorta likes Chloe now. Trixie still remains higher on the list though.

8 Worst: Secret Earbuds

To be fair, this is just painfully relatable. Maze was still getting the hang of emotional sensitivity, which is something Lucifer definitely didn’t have while she was living with him.

Instead of listening and sympathizing with Chloe’s emotional turmoil, Maze stealthily pops in those earbuds and drowns her out with music. Being a detective, Chloe figures this out very quickly and appropriately gets angry. Maze learned her lesson, though she rarely provides that kind of emotional support.

7 Best: Trick or Treating With Trixie

Adding to the cute Trixie and beings from Hell list, Maze not only helped Trixie build her own Halloween costume, but she also took her trick-or-treating like an awesome older sister. Threatening people to get Trixie more candy isn’t necessarily a good habit, but it shows how much Maze cares.

And Trixie returned the favor; when Maze reveals her true face, Trixie thinks it’s the coolest Halloween makeup ever and isn’t scared by it. Aside from Lucifer, Trixie remains the only friend to whom Maze has shown her true face.

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6 Worst: Making Trixie Cry

Well, we can equally blame Dan too. Dan confronts Maze at the worst point in her slip back to demon-hood. During their argument, Maze’s anger gets the better of her. We all know how much she cares about Trixie, especially after their adorable bonding session during Halloween.

We’ll give some slack to Maze since she didn’t know Trixie was there, but calling her a “stupid little brat” crosses some lines. What makes it worse is that she was specifically trying to make a dig at Dan and his parenting. Thankfully, Trixie has some pretty thick skin and chalks it up to Maze being a big dummy. What did we do to deserve Trixie?

5 Best: Coming Back Home

Maze’s designated bounty hunting episode was such a fun look into her methods and independence. After hearing about her adventures secondhand, it was only a matter of time until we officially traveled to Canada with her, and it was during the season that they moved production to LA, too. Oh, the irony.

It’s obvious that Maze enjoys the bounty hunting life; it’s probably the closest she’ll get to torturing humans on Earth. But she also likes running, whether it be physical activity or from her problems. She’s given the opportunity to live a risky life and leave everything behind. In the end, she returns to where she belongs. Her friends ground her and everyone’s happy to have her back.

4 Worst: Betraying Lucifer

Ouch. This one was a hard pill to swallow. After striking a deal with Cain, Maze concocts a plan to literally drive Lucifer insane and push him away from his friends on Earth. She uses the return of his angel wings as fodder, and, by the time Lucifer figures it out, the damage is done.

Maze hit the nail on the head, her plan feeding into his self-centered nature. But it’s like Lucifer has blinders on that prevents him from consciously thinking about how his actions affect the people around him. While that’s not an excuse for his behavior, the difference between the two is that Maze was intentionally trying to hurt Lucifer because, at the time, she wanted someone to hurt more than her.

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3 Best: Protecting Amenadiel & Linda

Cain tried to use Maze at her lowest point. He changed the plans. Instead of killing himself and framing Lucifer, he wanted to go after Amenadiel so he could be rebranded by God and become immortal again. Maze almost goes through with it until Amenadiel reassures her that he will always be there for her. That’s enough to forgive him.

If Cain hadn’t threatened Linda as a distraction, Maze totally would’ve killed him. But here’s where we really see how Maze has changed; she’s more than Lucifer’s right-hand demon. She has a life on Earth, she has friends, and now she has people to care for. Like Linda says, Maze’s emotions make her even stronger.

2 Worst: Don’t Date Amenadiel

While we can all relate to residual feelings over an ex, it was super selfish of Maze to ask this of Linda. Despite sleeping with Amenadiel in order to spy for Lucifer, Maze totally developed feelings for him. That, coupled with a possessiveness over Linda, led to disaster.

She asks Linda, as friends, not to date Amenadiel, which is super unfair to both Linda and Amenadiel. It takes two to tango, and Maze ends up holding Linda to a higher standard than Amenadiel. In general, it was just a selfish move that led to problems that would have been avoided had all three communicated with each other.

1 Best: The Baby Blanket

Maze basically operates on the concept of “show, don’t tell,” and that really comes through in season 4. Supposedly, she’s gone for months because, in one episode, Linda isn’t showing, and, in the next (when Maze returns) she looks ready to pop.

Instead of giving the baby some “baby” throwing knives or something truly demonic, Maze returns with a baby blanket. She opens up to Linda a little about her mommy issues but wants to pass on some goodwill to the baby. She reassures Linda that she will be a much better mother than Lilith (c’mon season 5, give us Lilith) and that she will always be there for the family.

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