Lucifer: 5 Times Linda Was A Good Friend To Maze (& 5 Times Maze Was A Good Friend To Linda)

You know what’s really nice? Women who are friends and aren’t trying to tear each other down. Maze and Linda have been through a lot together, supporting each other and also getting into the occasional fight. 

Disagreements are bound to happen in any friendship, a demon and a therapist are no exceptions. But whenever their friendship is tested, they always come out for the better and stronger than before. They’re the picture-perfect example of opposites that attract.

Here are 5 times Linda was a good friend to Maze and 5 times Maze was a good friend to Linda.

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10 That Time Linda Really Tried Not To Date Amenadiel

Linda gets some major props for trying to employ hoes before bros. But to be fair, Maze made a very unrealistic request. It’s kind of unclear if Maze was just being a little bit possessive of Linda, if Maze was full-on crushing on Linda, or if she still had feelings for Amenadiel. The point is, Maze was acting selfishly and Linda still tried to honor her wishes because she didn’t want to hurt her friend. That’s dedication.

The attempt does go completely sideways and it leads to an unplanned (but welcomed) pregnancy, but hey. The effort was made.

9 That Time Maze Invited Linda For Girls’ Night

Because she totally didn’t have to.

After accepting a dare from Lucifer to essentially get Chloe drunk, Maze’s less than innocent Tiki bar recommendation turned into a party. Ella basically invited herself, but she was a welcome addition and broke up whatever tension rose between Chloe and Maze. But then Maze went the extra step and included Linda in the activities.

We don’t know a lot about Linda’s social life, but it certainly didn’t seem like she had a group of girl friends. She quickly becomes friends with Ella and Chloe as well. So really, because of Maze, Linda became part of the girls’ night tribe and was later invited to Chloe’s bachelorette party.

8 That Time Linda Saw Maze As A Client/Friend

Who cares if it’s technically malpractice? Linda probably wasn’t taking payments from Maze. And we’re not just talking money.

About halfway through Season 1, Maze seeks Linda’s assistance for life guidance. Despite officially having Lucifer as a patient, Linda takes her on and actually helps a lot. Linda is ultimately the reason why Maze branches out from LUX and develops her own wants and needs beyond working for Lucifer. She inspired Maze to find a job, expand her friend circle, and move out of LUX. Linda gave Maze her agency.

7 That Time Maze Invited Linda For Drinks

Excited about her first successful bounty, Maze rushed to Linda’s office to share the good news. Still terrified of what Lucifer showed her - and everything that goes with it - Linda refuses to open the door, let alone talk. But Maze is nothing if not stubborn, especially when it comes to people she likes.

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After a bit of pestering, Linda comes to the realization that even though her entire world has changed, the people haven’t. Maze wanted to share an important, special moment with Linda. And that’s something Linda knows and can understand. Thank you, Girls’ Night.

6 That Time Linda Defended Maze’s “Soul”

It’s a well-known fact among angels and demons that demons don’t have souls. So far, nobody in the show that would know has disputed this. It just is.

That is, unless you’re a mortal human whose best friend is a demon. From the moment she heard it, Linda didn’t believe it. Even after learning about Lucifer, knowing that Heaven and Hell are real, she refuses to believe that Maze doesn’t have a soul. She knows Maze has good in her, that Maze has done good things along with the bad.

5 That Time Maze Defended Linda’s Professionalism

After breaking Lucifer out of a mental hospital - using her real name and title - Linda’s ethics are questioned and she’s put under review. Maze, angry on Linda’s behalf, tracks down Lucifer to fix the mess he created. After all, it’s his fault this happened to begin with.

When hunting down Lucifer and having him vouch for Linda goes completely sideways, Maze takes matters into her own hands. Whatever she does works and Linda knows better than to ask questions.

4 That Time Linda Endured Torture To Protect Her Friends

If you didn’t think Linda was a total badass before, you really should now. Season 2 put Linda through a lot, between learning the truth about Lucifer, being the only human able to help Team Immortality, and having everyone call upon her nearly nonexistent medical skills.

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The end of Season 2 saw Linda severely injured by Mum with Maze as the first one to find her. She admits to confessing to Mum, but that’s the last thing Maze cares about. Maze understands Linda’s limits and really just wants her mortal human friend to live.

3 That Time Maze Tracked Down A Baby Blanket

Gone again for months, Maze barges back into Linda’s life with an ominous metal container. That’s pretty par for the course for Maze’s presents, what makes it different is that it’s meant for Linda and Amenadiel’s baby. We’re led to believe it’s a weapon or a “baby” knife set, but it’s actually a fluffy baby blanket.

We get a glimpse into Maze’s upbringing. Drawn right from the comics, her mother is indeed Lilith. And she wasn’t a good mom. But Maze reassures Linda that she’s already better than Lilith and she’ll be there for the baby too.

2 That Time Linda Officially Made Maze Part of the Family

As a big, bad demon, Maze rarely (if ever) shows her insecurities. Since she’s from Hell, it makes sense that she doesn’t show weakness. Ever. But stalking Linda in order to protect her and her half-angel baby speaks for itself.

While Linda finds the hovering a little over the top and annoying, she reassures Maze that she appreciates the effort. More importantly, Maze will always have a place in her life. And probably for the first time in her life, Maze found a family. It’s exactly the stability she needs, given her feelings towards Eve. And with how long she was away for, hunting down the blanket, knowing she always has a place to come back to means everything.

1 That Time Maze Fought Her Way To Linda

Demons don’t use words, they use actions. And Maze sure uses hers.

After betraying Cain and cementing her friendship with Amenadiel, Maze is drugged and held captive. To try to keep her in line, Cain threatens Linda’s life. Fighting her way through twelve people and running four miles, she arrives half dead at Linda’s office. Finally, they reconcile and it’s one of the sweetest things ever. Maze goes the extra step to use her words, verbally apologizing to Linda about how she acted.

Of course, Linda’s a bit worried about the whole death threat thing. But really, she shouldn’t be worried when Hell’s best torture would take a Hell-forged blade for her.

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