'Lucifer' DC TV Show Pilot Casts Lina Esco as Demon Sidekick Mazikeen

Lina Esco to play Mazikeen in the Lucifer DC TV show pilot

In the rush to monetize seemingly every comic book property of the last three decades, it was inevitable that producers would arrive at the deeper cuts. Thus we have come to Lucifer, a Fox television adaptation of the popular-but-not-legendary Vertigo Comics series that began life as a spinoff for Neil Gaiman's landmark comic book property, The Sandman.

Production on the fantasy/crime-drama series appears to be ramping up. Less than a week after Tom Ellis (Merlin) was announced as Lucifer's titular lead, another major role has been filled. Young star Lina Esco (Heroes: Destiny) has been tapped to play Lucifer's best friend, bodyguard, and occasional paramour Mazikeen.

According to Deadline, Esco has been cast as "Maze," a "fierce demon in the form of a beautiful young woman." While primarily a television actress, Esco has appeared in several smaller-profile feature films, as well as writing and directing the 2014 movie Free the Nipple.

Since it was announced that Lucifer would be something of a demon-infused crime procedural – possibly hewing closer to a format similar to Forever or The Mentalist – fans of the original comic series have wondered just how much of the source material will actually make it into the series. As such, the announcement of Mazikeen's casting confirms that Lucifer will at least retain the basic aspects of its progenitor.

First appearing in an iconic early run of The Sandman, Mazikeen may end up looking very different onscreen than on the comics page. Though the original Mazikeen was indeed a gorgeous woman when viewed from one side, her horrifying visual hook was that half of the flesh on her head had been flayed down to the bone.

Lucifer - Mazikeen Fan-Art
'Mazikeen' fan art by funrama @ DeviantArt

Mazikeen's appearance, in comic book form, makes for some compelling visual storytelling - a panel depicting Lucifer and Mazikeen kissing is at once majestic and bone-deep disgusting - but that same approach will likely not fly on network television. Fortunately, the Lucifer television series has a simple out: the comics themselves most often cover Mazikeen's true nature with a mask.

It will be truly interesting to see what direction Fox ends up taking the character. During Lucifer's original run, Mazikeen slowly gained more leverage and agency with her infernal boss, eventually coming into her own as a dangerous and determined player of the cosmic game. Even if Fox decides to eschew her most recognizable physical feature, we're looking forward to seeing what Lina Esco and the show's writers have in store for this demonic protector.

Lucifer does not yet have a premiere date. Keep your eye on Screen Rant as we dig up more information on the adventures of the Most Beautiful Angel.

Source: Deadline

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