Lucifer: 10 Characters From The DC Comic We’re Still Hoping To See

Lucifer is a gripping TV show that first aired in 2016. The series follows an eccentric, devilishly charming character from Neil Gaiman's Sandman books. For the last few years, it's been a struggle to keep this show on the air - despite its high ratings, critical acclaim, and a strong fanbase.

Fantastic writing and rich characters are two of the biggest contributors to Lucifer's success. Throughout the last 4 seasons, we've met plenty of folks based on Gaiman's work. Netflix has renewed the show for its 5th season. Season 5 will also allegedly serve as the series finale. If the end is truly nigh, then we hope these 10 characters will appear before Morningstar's story comes to an end.

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Etrigan the demon from DC Comics
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10 Etrigan

Etrigan the demon from DC Comics

Do you know of Etrigan? He's a demon summoned by men! He always speaks in riddles and rhymes. So shall we, at least for a time. Jack Kirby created him, inspired by the story of Prince Valiant. Etrigan's noble soul betrays his looks. He's a Justice Leaguer in the comic books!

Etrigan first appeared in 1972. He met Lucifer in the New 52 reboot. Morningstar commanded the Demon Knights. He led the team through many fights! Etrigan and Samael shared a strong bond, so the Demon Knight was saddened when his master was gone. We hope to see Etrigan in season five. There, he can help his master survive!

9 Captain Scumm

There's a caveat to being as powerful and as old as Lucifer is; it can be hard to keep track of all the people you've made deals with over the millennia. William Scumm is a prime example of this - he's a swashbuckling pirate from a bygone era who once made a deal with Luci.

Deals with the Devil tend to end poorly for mortals. However, Scumm managed to evade Morningstar's grasp after wishing to become a pirate king. Eventually, Lucifer decided to go after Captain Scumm. Jason Blood and Etrigan (our rhyming friend,) helped seal Scumm's fate. Captain Scumm is a funny character who could potentially make a cameo while Luci's in Hell.

8 Adam

In a lot of ways, Captain Scumm's story mirrors Adam and Eve's. After all, both parties met their downfalls after running into the King of Hell. However, the similarities pretty much end there. Captain Scumm spent the rest of his days trying to outrun the Devil. Adam and Eve, on the other hand, sought redemption.

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The first couple eventually found it, and God welcomed them into Heaven with open arms. In season 4, we met Eve - who left Heaven after somehow growing bored of paradise. According to her, Adam's still up there watching ESPN. Here's hoping that Adam makes an appearance in season five, possibly searching for Eve.

7 Lilith

Eve holds many distinct titles; she's often called the Original Sinner, the First Woman, and the First Wife. However, that last name is inaccurate. Eve wasn't Adam's first wife - Lilith was. For all of Eve's faults, she's at least a sympathetic and self-aware character. Unfortunately, the same doesn't ring true for Lilith.

In Neil Gaiman's books, Lilith is ambitious and calculating. She acts from the shadows and uses other characters like pawns on a chess board. The Lucifer show acknowledges Lilith as Mazikeen's mother. Lilith could show up in season 5, depending on the way things play out between Eve, Lucier, and Maze.

6 Elaine Belloc

The Lucifer show primarily takes place on Earth - Los Angeles, to be specific. Conversely, Neil Gaiman's original stories play out in various locations in and out of the multiverse. As a consequence, Gaiman's books feature a myriad of characters from pantheons and cosmologies all around the world. This includes the members of the Heavenly Host and their offspring.

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Enter Elaine Belloc - an unassuming young girl with divine parentage. Elaine is the daughter of Jude Easterman and Michael Demiurgos, aka Michael the Archangel! This also makes Elaine Lucifer's niece. Some fans think that Chloe is secretly Elaine Belloc in disguise. Considering the romance that's formed between Chloe and Luci, we hope Elaine shows up as a separate character.

5 Michael Demiurgos

While we're on the subject of the Heavenly Host, let's talk Archangels. The show has already featured plenty of angels over the last four seasons; Amenadiel, Uriel, and Azrael have played major roles in the show thus far. Lucifer is naturally the most prominent angel in the show, but is he the most biblically significant?

Sure, Luci is the actual Devil, but who kicked him out of Heaven in the first place? Who's God's right-hand man and the greatest warrior in all creation? Michael Demigurgos is the answer to those questions. He's Lucifer's twin brother and a major player in DC Comics universe. If Luci gets into trouble come season 5, here's hoping Michael will come to his aid.

4 Destiny Of The Endless

Destiny of the Endless continues this trend of impossibly powerful and ancient characters. Created by Marv Wolfman and Bernie Wrightson in 1972, Destiny is wise beyond years. We mean that literally, by the way; Destiny is older than dirt and the very concept of time! He's the leader of the Endless - a group of cosmic beings that each holds sway over a facet of reality.

True to his name, Destiny concerns himself with the fate of all things. Chained to Potmos' right arm is the Book of Souls. With this tome, Destiny can see the past, present, and future with absolute clarity. Lucifer has met him the comics. Maybe Morningstar can consult Destiny and find a way to escape his current rut.

3 Death Of The Endless

"All roads lead to Death." "Nothing is certain but Death and taxes." "Death before decaf." Throughout the centuries, mankind has created plenty of proverbs to express our feelings about the cessation of life. In 1989, Neil Gaiman figured it was time for Death to voice her opinions about us.

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In Sandman, Vol 2 #8, Gaiman and his team introduced the world to Death of the Endless. Much like her older brother Destiny, Death is very old and very powerful. Unlike most of her siblings, Death is also very kind and caring. Lucifer personally knows Death in the DC Comics universe. Maybe she'll appear in season 5 to help bring the show to a definitive end.

2 Dream Of The Endless


Morpheus, Oneiros, the Prince of Stories the Sandman - Dream of the Endless has many titles. He's earned them all by communing with Gods and men over the centuries. As the personification of thoughts and ideas, Dream is unfathomably powerful and influential. Numerous characters from the DC Universe have met Dream.

Lucifer Morningstar and Morpheus actually go way back. In Sandman, Vol 2 #4, Dream visits Hell to recover an artifact a demon stole from him. Luci and Dream don't exactly hit it off - in fact, the King of Hell threatens to destroy Morpheus by the end of their exchange. Since Luci's back home in season 5, maybe he'll run into Dream while he's there.

1 John Constantine

This last entry is a sore spot for many fans of the English Exorcist. Since Lucifer first debuted in 2016, Constantine fans have prayed for John to make an appearance on the show. Matt Ryan could even reprise his role and pick up where his 2014 series abruptly left off.

Rumors of a potential Constantine reboot have only further stoked the flames. We're definitely onboard to see John back in action. Moreover, if John and Etrigan appear on Lucifer we could potentially set up a Justice League Dark story! Season 5 will be here before you know it. Bringing in Constantine could be a great way to end the show with a bang.

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