Lucifer: 10 Things That Make Sense Only If You Read The Comics

Despite creating its own lore, characters, and continuity, Lucifer does make a few nods to the comics while keeping within its more comedic tone. Admittedly, it’s so far removed from the source material that the only links to it are Lucifer himself and Season 1 Mazikeen. But that doesn’t make the show bad or unenjoyable.

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Throughout its four seasons, the crew’s dropped Easter eggs for any fans of the comics to find. While you don’t have to know the comics to watch the show, catching those references can enhance the experience.

Here are 10 things from Lucifer that only make sense if you read the comics.

10 Bedtime Stories

Ok, so this is way more meta and goes beyond the Lucifer comics, but it totally counts. Neil Gaiman, creator of Lucifer Morningstar via the Sandman comics, has published a myriad of other books for various demographics. Two of them make their way into the show: Chu’s Day and Coraline.

In Season 2, we can see Chloe reading Coraline to Trixie. Before that in Season 1, Chloe makes a comment about Trixie making Dan read her “the book about the sneezing panda.”

9 Lux’s Design

Comparing the design of Lux in the show to the design of Lux in the comics, the similarities are almost uncanny. It looks like the production designers took extra care in really bringing the nightclub to life. You’ll notice that the piano is basically in the same place in both iterations, though that’s not as impressive as the placement of the mirror walls or the light fixtures.

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It’s as close as we’ll get to having Lux lifted right off the comic pages and honestly, the team did an awesome job. Special shoutout to the lighting team for capturing the ambience perfectly.

8 Lord Neil Gaiman

Remember that alternate universe in which Chloe’s dad never died so she continued her acting career? And God just kind of did it to prove a point? And it was a little weird having an episode with narration with no other episode doing that?

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Well, that was the true Voice of God himself, Neil Gaiman. You know, the creator of DC/Vertigo’s Lucifer? Yeah, that Neil Gaiman. The show takes inspiration from the questions and motivations originally explored in Lucifer’s time as part of the Sandman comics, and later expanded upon in Mike Carey’s Lucifer run. What links the comics’ God and Lucifer’s God the most is that he just wants what any parent wants: to see their child happy.

7 Angel Wings

Every angel introduced in the show have different types of wings. Lucifer has the type we typically associate with angels: big, white, and completely divine. But true to the comics, all the angels’ wings are based off different birds.

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Remiel’s are the easiest to identify in the show, most likely based off of the peregrine falcon. In the comics, Raphael’s wings resemble a male peacock’s. Both make sense given their characters. Remiel is a formidable opponent and has a stubborn streak that rivals Lucifer’s.

6 Lucifer’s Chandelier

Lucifer’s penthouse is filled with all kinds of goodies. Like really good booze! But like Lux, the penthouse takes some design elements from the comics. Though the Italian marble is a TV thing.

But like in the comics, Lucifer has a very interesting chandelier. If you pause at the right time, you can see that the design of the chandelier is Yggdrasil, also known as the Tree of Life. It makes a surprisingly good chandelier.

5 Mazikeen’s Face

So she only wears the mask in the alternate universe episode, but her disfigured face is a thing. In the comics, half of Maze’s face looks grotesque. It’s like she’s missing skin in places and that it’s been rotted, but it’s not quite scar tissue. She wears a Phantom of the Opera mask to cover it on Earth.

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In the show, we don’t see Maze’s true face until Season 2, when she takes Trixie trick-or-treating. So she still has it, just disguised like how Lucifer hides his Devil Face.

4 Aren't You Blonde?

Yeah, he gets that a lot.

Obviously, the Lucifers look very diffferent. The comics Lucifer is heavily based off of the late David Bowie, with blonde hair and piercing green eyes. Tom Ellis, on the other hand, fits the body build, but that’s about it. But dang, those big brown eyes work for the show’s character.

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The writers couldn’t help but joke about it though. When Lucifer descends upon the Satanic cult, the guy at the door questions his hair color rather than Satanic credentials. Priorities!

3 The Void

Oh yeah, the whole second universe thing came from a massive story arc in the comics. But instead of Mum/The Goddess creating her own universe, it was Lucifer. He quickly realizes after doing so, that he doesn’t want to be a God and doesn’t envy dear old Dad. Doesn’t make him any less salty, but he did learn a lesson.

In the show, Azrael’s blade is one of three parts to the Flaming Sword, the only artifact capable of cutting through Heaven’s gates. Instead, Lucifer rips a hole to another dimension (affectionately nicknamed the Space Vagina) and Mum goes on to create a new family. It’s heartwarming, really.

2 Monologuing - “The Devil Made Me Do It”

TV Lucifer takes some cues from his comics counterparts. The number one thing he retains is his whole mantra of “I never lie,” the fact that he’s not the root of all evil or takes human souls, and his extreme dislike of God. So it’s only natural that the writing team lifted an entire monologue from the comics.

Ultimately playing into his self-loathing, Lucifer explains his issues with the whole “Devil made me do it” mentality among humans. In the show, it makes sense that Linda’s on the receiving end of this and Tom Ellis brings a whole new life to it. Say what you will about the show, but Tom Ellis knocked it out of the park.

1 Eating Amenadiel’s Heart

Easily the darkest of the comics references (because let’s be real, the comics are DARK), Lucifer makes an offhand comment in the pilot episode about looking forward to eating Amenadiel’s heart. Going into Season 5, it’s hard to imagine these two really going at it again. After Season 2, their relationship took some great strides and they’re both more supportive towards each other.

But in the comics, Lucifer literally ate Amenadiel’s heart. Lucifer and Amenadiel do battle in Hell, with Lucifer powerless against Amenadiel. Through some very Lucifer-esque trickery, he manages to outwit Amenadiel and eat his heart as the victor, as is customary. So, yeah. That was a thing.

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