Vertigo's New LUCIFER Comic Makes Satan More... Human?

The version of Lucifer seen in the previous Sandman universe - dapper, blonde, Bowie-esque, and owning an L.A. piano bar - is long gone, with his new comic beginning by cursing Satan himself... with the pains of old age. And from there, things are only getting weirder.

The new status quo of the Sandman Universe was established in Gaiman's kick-off issue of the same name, revealing that Dream has gone missing. But our preview of Lucifer #1 proves that the comings and goings of the Sandman aren't of the slightest interest to Lucifer. The once-handsome devil has enough of his own trouble to worry about, having fallen into a strange prisoner, held captive by a mystery jailer, and seemingly cursed with old age, and borderline madness.

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For those wishing to catch up with the title angel of this series, new writer Dan Watters and Gaiman himself have maintained that new readers are welcome. All we'll offer is the brief recap, reminding Lucifer fans that Satan had last set out to find his lost son walking the Earth (to make sure he wouldn't finally become his father, oblivious to his wayward child).

Things have clearly gone wrong since then. Check out the preview pages below:

How these seemingly disparate storylines - Lucifer imprisoned in a small village, and the dying wife of a police detective seemingly speaking for her tumor (?) isn't easy to decipher just yet. But that's par for the course with Vertigo and Sandman, and Lucifer remains just one of four brand new series expanding the existing lore. Along with Dan Watters, Sebastian and Max Fiumara on Lucifer, Si Spurrier (Motherlands) will write The Dreaming, focusing on Lucien the librarian, Matthew the Raven and an amnesiac monster named Dora searching for the missing Dream. Nalo Hopkinson (Brown Girl in the Ringwill write House of Whispers, which will introduce a companion house to stand alongside The House Of Mysteries and House Of Secrets overseen by Cain and Abel. Finally, Kat Howard (Roses and Rot) will write a new Books Of Magic series, based on Gaiman's Tim Hunter - a young wizard who is destined to determine the fate of magic in the world, for good or ill.

Take a look at the issue's full synopsis below:

  • LUCIFER (2018) #1
  • Published: October 17, 2018
  • Writer: Dan Watters
  • Art: Sebastian Fiumara, Max Fiumara
  • Cover Artist: Goni Montes
  • Variant Cover: Kelley Jones
  • Lucifer is missing. Having embarked on a dangerous journey to find the mother of his abandoned son, the Prince of Lies finds himself imprisoned and crippled by mysterious forces who seek to torment him for their own terrible ends. Meanwhile: a car is crashed, two witches blind themselves, a tumor speaks its first words, and a perfectly good bowl of oatmeal is left to go cold.

Lucifer #7 will be available on October 10th, from DC Vertigo Comics.

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