Which Lucifer Character Are You Based on MBTI?

Using the MBTI personality type system, you can sort the characters from DC's Lucifer into classes. Are you more an Eve or Chloe? Find out!

In June, Netflix renewed Lucifer for a fifth and final season. The show is based around the Lucifer’s desire to live on Earth after running his Kingdom of Hell for thousands of years and the humans and demons that surround him.

Watching mortals and immortals face off in an otherwise straightforward police procedural makes for a dynamic and memorable cast of characters. Each one continues to develop more or less realistically, managing to still surprise viewers 67 episodes later. After two cancellations, three years, and four seasons, we’ve gotten to know the characters pretty well. Everyone has a favorite, but which one are you most like? 

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8 Charlotte Richards — ESTJ, The Executive

Are you an extroverted and goal-based? Do you naturally understand other people? Do you prefer order and clear answers? You might be most like Charlotte. 

A high-powered attorney, the real Charlotte Richards (not the Charlotte Richards-shaped vessel Goddess used to be on earth) is independent and confident. She has a lot of classic Extravert traits—she finds it easy to talk to people and is warm with the people she cares about. Those Observing traits mean she can always read a room and generally is a good leader. We know from the second she’s reintroduced that she goes after what she wants. Her Thinking traits make her great at finding loopholes, which is what makes her a great lawyer, but her Judging traits means she prefers order and clarity.

7 Goddess—ENFP, The Campaigner

If you are generally a good person but your temper sometimes gets the better of you, you might have a lot in common with Lucifer’s mother, Goddess.

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The Goddess we meet after she escaped Hell is stressed and occasionally emotional. In her past, when she created the Universe, we know that she was classically Extraverted—creative, curious, and enthusiastic. Her Intuitive traits mean that Goddess is imaginative, likes novelty and is interested in the future—good traits for someone who is creating universes. She was popular but as someone with a lot of Feeling traits, she sometimes had poor practical skills and was often highly emotional. After all, she did lash out at humans when she was unhappy with God. The Prospecting traits mean she’s adaptable and can really improvise when she needs to. 

6 Amenadiel—ISTJ, The Logistician

As the eldest of the Morningstar angels, Amenadiel is the one that God relies upon the most. If you are practical, fact-based, and value rule-following, you might see a lot of yourself in Amenadiel. Early in the show when he constantly tries to use logic instead of emotion to get Lucifer to return to Hell.

Unfortunately, his desire to create order and strong will means he tries to strong-arm Lucifer back into Hell, rather than appealing to Lucifer’s more naturally emotional side. His—and your—strong sense of responsibility means he blames himself for things he really can’t control. But eventually, his calm demeanor and honest approach and genuine desire to do good redeem him.

5 Mazikeen—INFJ, The Advocate

Many personality descriptions of INFJs position them as tireless idealists, which we tend to associate with “the good side.” But filtered through the view of a demon, Mazikeen—Maze—is quite idealistic, just not in a way that humans will appreciate. 

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If you’re mostly quiet until pushed on a subject that you truly believe in, you might have a lot in common with Mazikeen, even if you’re on different sides of the table. If you find yourself believing and speaking passionately about a cause you care about, then Mazikeen’s firm belief that what she and Lucifer did in hell was right might share some rhetoric with yours. Mazikeen uses her Intuition traits when she’s punishing people, instantly being able to read them and design a torture specifically for them. But her Feeling traits means she is easily angered and grows frustrated when she feels like things aren’t progressing at the pace she believes they should.

4 Eve—ESFP, The Entertainer

If you like to have fun, often fall easily and passionately into love, but struggle to let things go, you probably have a lot in common with Eve. After thousands of years of separation from Lucifer, she is still desperately in love with him, though only with the version of him that she met in the garden and idealized. She is bold, as we see when she escapes Heaven for Earth and tries to seduce Lucifer again. Her Extraverted traits make it easy for her to befriend anyone, and her Feeling traits help her connect, even if they do also hinder her as often as they help her. Combined with her Prospective traits, this is what makes her occasionally manipulative and reckless.

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Unfortunately, Eve isn’t a great long-term planner, but her decision to explore Earth and figure out who she is without Adam or Lucifer will probably help ground her a bit more. 

3 Linda Martin—INFP, The Mediator

If you are open-minded, flexible, and always looking for the best solution to a bad situation, you have a lot in common with Dr. Linda Martin. As a psychotherapist, her Intuitive and Feeling traits help her pinpoint Lucifer’s struggles, even when he can’t name them himself. She seeks to harmonize his interior world with the way he portrays himself. Linda is passionate, energetic, and very creative, all of which we can see in her very first interaction with Lucifer. 

While she can take things a little too personally and plays her cards close to her chest, she makes a very good friend to anyone who takes the time to get to know her. She’s dedicated and idealistic, which is never more clear than when she tells him, “I walked into this with my eyes wide open, chose to be your friend and face all that comes with that. The good, the bad, and the crispy.”

2 Chloe Decker—ESFJ, The Consul 

Have you ever wanted to be an investigator? Or work in medicine? Maybe social work? Those are clear career paths for Consuls like Chloe Decker because they are primarily concerned with helping other people. We know from the very first episode that this is one of Chloe’s main drives, and we see her compassion for others constantly throughout the show. 

Chloe has a strong sense of duty, and she connects with others quite easily. Her Observing traits make her a great investigator, but her Judging traits are what brings her the most conflict: She has an instinct to go off-book but wants desperately to remain on-book. She has to for her job, and so when Lucifer pushes the boundaries of the law, it frustrates her even when she sees that it’s working. She worries about her status in the precinct but is also practical enough to know that isn’t everything. 

1 Lucifer Morningstar—ENFJ, The Protagonist

It might be a little on-the-nose to have the main character of a show fit the Protagonist personality type so perfectly, but it can’t be denied. ENFJs like Lucifer love to have fun and are generally the center of attention in any situation. Like him, you might be passionate, charismatic, and good at inspiring other people. Protagonists are often described as mesmerizing, which Lucifer can be quite literally, but natural confidence goes a long way for that in mortal humans as well. 

Lucifer grows dramatically throughout the show, and this is most pronounced in those Feelings characteristics. He learns to actually relate to humans and see things from their perspective, especially through Chloe. He goes from understanding one facet of humanity to empathizing with them, a trait all ENFJs tend to have in spades. People also see ENFJs as reliable, but they can have fluctuating self-esteem that makes it hard to make decisions. But with his natural Intuitive tendencies, he always manages to move forward with a little help from his friends.

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