Lucifer: 5 Reasons Lucifer Should Be With Chloe (& 5 He Should Be With Eve)

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Netflix's Lucifer is often described as a light-hearted procedural drama with supernatural elements, based on the Vertigo comics series of the same name. But beyond all the mysteries that are solved and the demons (literal and otherwise) that are faced, Lucifer boasts some truly emotionally complex and riveting storytelling. By far the most compelling of these stories is the back-and-forth romance narrative between its central character, Tom Ellis's Lucifer Morningstar, and leading lady Chloe Decker, played by Lauren German.

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The series' critically acclaimed fourth season - the first season to air on Netflix, after its cancellation on Fox - added yet another intriguing wrinkle to what once seemed like a simple will they, won't they dynamic. With the introduction of Inbar Lavi's Eve, the original sinner herself, Lucifer explored its first truly compelling love triangle. Here, we take a look at what Team Chloe and Team Eve each have to offer. Where do you stand?

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Eve and Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer
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10 Eve: Lucifer helped free Eve from a life she never wanted - and she wanted to do the same for him

Eve and Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer

On the whole, Lucifer has always had an interesting relationship with familiar biblical tales. The way it interprets the story of Adam and Eve is no exception to this trend. Eve makes it clear time and again that her life with Adam was never one that she chose. Furthermore, she points out that she was literally made from Adam, and that she was always second in Adam's eyes to his first wife - Lilith.

A life with Adam, then, gave her a life of nothing she ever wanted, and a life full of never meeting expectations of those around her. It was Lucifer she credited with breaking her free from that, thanks to the temptation in the garden and all. So when she returned to him all those years later, she hoped to free him from the same sort of situation, as he found himself in a routine life he never really asked for either.

9 Chloe: She was put on Earth for him

Chloe Decker in Lucifer

It was clear from the series' first episode that there was something truly special about Chloe, in relation to Lucifer. She was impervious to his charms and his ability to compel and control people. She made him vulnerable in ways that no-one else ever had. She seemed to connect with him on a level almost beyond platonic or romantic, and even spiritual.

So, when it was revealed in the second season that there was a reason for this, it didn't really come as a surprise to viewers. The real surprise was the nature of this reason: God put Chloe on Earth, and in Lucifer's path, for a reason. She was always destined to be in Lucifer's life. You can't argue with destiny.

8 Eve: She accepts Lucifer for all his faults without hesitation

Eve and Lucifer Morningstar devil face in Lucifer

Lucifer's identity as the devil, and particularly the physical manifestation of that identity, played a major role in the series' fourth season. Arguably one of the most poignant moments to happen as a result of this identity crisis came when Lucifer revealed himself - his true self - to Eve, in the flesh. After feeling rejected following Chloe's horror at his true appearance, Lucifer received the total opposite reaction from Eve.

"I think you're amazing. All of you," Eve tells him after seeing his devil face, before kissing him while he's still transformed. The look in Lucifer's eyes after he transforms back to his human self says it all. Nobody has ever accepted him so fully before - and it's a truly amazing thing to behold.

7 Chloe: She makes him a better person

Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker in Lucifer

Lucifer Morningstar is an undeniably selfish person. Accustomed to getting whatever he wants and doing whatever it takes to get it, the Lucifer we meet in the pilot episode is virtually unrecognizable from the Lucifer we leave at the end of the fourth season. Lucifer was once a hardcore party thrower and party goer, living a life of rock star excess  and... not much else.

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Partnering with Chloe, and knowing her, has changed him for the better. He has a purpose to his life now, and he's working toward the greater good, all because of her. She's taught him things about life that no one else ever has before, including how to open himself up to the ability to feel things and care about others as well as just himself.

6 Eve: She came back to Earth because of him

Eve in Lucifer Season 4

As the original sinner and the first woman, Eve's life happened long, long, long before the events of the series. But, tired of life in paradise, Eve found a way to escape Heaven and return to Earth in human form, just as Lucifer once knew her. When she first arrives in Lucifer's life again, she tells him that she came back because she wanted more of the wild life, more time to party, more time to be free.

It's clear, even as she says that, that she's holding back. Later in the episode, she tells him the truth: she came back to Earth because of him. If that's not a grand romantic gesture the likes of which the show has never seen, we're really not sure what is.

5 Chloe: He's never lied to her

Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer

Lucifer Morningstar is about as charming and flirtatious as they come. Add to that the fact that he owns an incredibly popular nightclub, and it wouldn't be hard to believe he's a total sleaze who lies to get whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. However, from day one, Lucifer has made it a habit to never once lie to Detective Decker, and even routinely reminded her of his honesty.

He's even been nothing but honest with her regarding his identity as the devil himself, even if she was never willing to listen and accept it until she saw the truth with her own eyes. At the end of the day, Lucifer has been more honest with her than he has been with anyone else in his life. That really has to mean something.

4 Eve: Ellis and Lavi have a much more natural chemistry

Eve and Lucifer Morningstar kiss in Lucifer

Chemistry is a subjective thing, for the most part. However, in some cases, the chemistry is so strong it practically sparkles right off the screen. That's exactly what happened in the case of Tom Ellis and Inbar Lavi, who are absolutely mesmerizing to watch in every one of their scenes, whether romantic or confrontational. From the moment they first lock eyes, it's clear that Lucifer and Eve are the real deal, and that's all thanks to the intense chemistry between the performers.

Ellis and German have a chemistry of a different kind, which mostly works in the buddy cop dynamic that Lucifer and Chloe have perfected over their years of friendship. Their emotional scenes are always strong, but when things get clearly romantic between the two, something feels off. That's never the case for Ellis and Lavi.

3 Chloe: She sees the angel, not just the devil

Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer Netflix

It's a fact as commonly known as just about anything from the Bible: Lucifer wasn't always the devil; he started off his life as an angel. Lucifer the series explores this dichotomy in gripping detail, especially when it comes to the representation of Lucifer's own wings, which have come and gone over time. The fourth season finds Lucifer struggling with the split nature of his identity more than ever before.

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But it also finds Chloe admitting openly that she sees and understands both the angel and devil side of him. She's struggled with reconciling Lucifer's identity as the source of evil with the man she's come to know and love, but by the season's end, she is willing to accept him for all of who he now is and ever was.

2 Eve: They have a truly forbidden love history

Lucifer Morningstar and Eve in Lucifer

The series doesn't delve into Lucifer and Eve's history as much as it could, but the few references they make to it signify that there's clearly an incredibly rich history there. There's more to the story than just the simplified version viewers know from the biblical tale. There's more to their temptation in the garden than just a forbidden fruit.

The history these two share is richly layered and filled with symbols of forbidden love. Before the fourth season, it's also clear that these two never really had a fair chance at exploring their feelings for one another. While things may not go their way by the season's end, that doesn't meant that these two should be discounted in any way. What they have is real, and should always be thought of as such.

1 Chloe: They make each other vulnerable

Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer

From the first season, Lucifer has known something truly special about Chloe: she makes him vulnerable. He is only able to be hurt around Chloe, while he's impervious to all forms of injury whenever she's not around. But it's become clear that this vulnerability isn't just the literal, physical form. Over time, Lucifer has become emotionally vulnerable whenever Chloe is concerned, opening his heart up to her in many ways.

So, too, has Chloe. Chloe began the series as a truly closed off, no-nonsense character, but through knowing and loving Lucifer, her walls have come down. They've made themselves vulnerable to one another, admitting the true extent of their feelings in the fourth season's finale. Only time will tell what becomes of their love for one another.

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