Lucifer: 10 Things That Needs To Happen Before The Series Ends

When Fox made the shocking decision to cancel Lucifer after just three seasons, fans around the world were left thinking they would never see Tom Ellis' charming, raunchy and wildly seductive interpretation of The Devil aka Lucifer Morningstar again. Following a major fan campaign, however, Netflix did what Netflix does best and miraculously saved the series, giving loyal viewers more adventures with Lucifer, Chloe, and the gang.

Now that season four is firmly behind us, it's time to begin looking ahead at the recently announced fifth season, which will sadly bring Lucifer's troublesome adventures in Los Angeles to an end. With the final season officially on its way, we've gone ahead and discussed the ten things that need to happen before the show ends.

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10 Lucifer Needs To Confront God

Over the course of four seasons, Lucifer has spent a great deal of time exploring Luci's somewhat dysfunctional relationship with his estranged and judgemental father, God.

While Lucifer has certainly played with the idea of God over the years, with Neil Gaiman even voicing the character in a bonus episode, we've still not truly met the character and with the final season now on the way, it's the perfect time for Lucifer to finally work out his monumental daddy issues.

9 Lucifer Needs To Leave Hell

The closing moments of season four delivered the heartbreak, as Lucifer willingly returned to hell in order to protect baby Charlie and the people he has grown to love.

The conclusion to season four opens the door to new storytelling opportunities, but we can't expect Lucifer to stay in hell for the entire season, right? While it would be fun to see Luci run hell for a few episodes, we think we can all agree that he must return for more fun with Chloe eventually.

8 Eve's Return

Lucifer has introduced more than a few interesting, lovable and downright scary characters since the first season, but the introduction of Eve (yep, that one) was undoubtedly a highlight of season four.

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After failing to win back Lucifer's love and causing the arrival of a few angry demons, Eve left Los Angeles to discover herself and find a new purpose on earth. With only a handful of episodes left, however, we need to see the character return for one last adventure.

7 Introduce Lilith

We've met a number of biblical characters in the past four seasons, but there are still a few key players (excluding God) that fans are eager to meet.

The most recent season made a number of references to Lilith, leaving us to wonder if the mother of all demons could arrive at some point in season five. While there might not be enough time to introduce any major characters, Lilith would certainly make for creative and threatening addition to the final season.

6 Reveal Charlie's Powers

Arguably the biggest and most important aspect of Lucifer season four was the arrival of Linda and Amendiel's Nephilim child, Charlie.

While it's unlikely that Charlie will be seen fighting bad guys or flying over Los Angeles, it would be extremely fun for the final season to explore Charlie's potential powers and show how equipped Linda and Amendiel truly are for a superpowered son.

5 Reveal Why Chloe Makes Lucifer Vulnerable

Lucifer has forced the audience to ask many questions over the seasons, however, the biggest unanswered question is one that fans have obsessed over since the beginning.

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While Lucifer is one of the most powerful creatures in existence, his abilities somehow fade away in the presence of Chloe Decker. Is it because of his feelings? Is Chloe a mysterious supernatural being? These are the questions fans have asked for years and now the end is in sight, the show needs to reveal the truth about Chloe's effect on Lucifer.

4 Give Lucifer and Chloe The Happy Ending They Deserve

It's been one of the most entertaining and admittedly frustrating will-they-won't-they relationships on television, but now that the show is coming to an end, it's finally time for the writers to give Lucifer and Chloe their happy ending.

Of course, there's only a slim chance that Lucifer will receive a happy ending, but we'd be surprised if the duo at the center of the series didn't confess their love for one another before the credits roll.

3 Everyone Needs To Discover The Truth About Lucifer

The third and fourth seasons of Lucifer took major steps towards the world finding out about Luci's true identity, with Chloe finally realizing that she works with the literal devil.

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Before the show ends, however, there are still a few people that need to discover Lucifer's angelic secret. While it's unlikely that everyone will learn the truth, it's safe to assume that supporting characters such as Dan and Ella will find out at some point in the final season, before freaking out accordingly.

2 Maze And Eve Need To Get Together

Lucifer has no shortage of complicated romances, but the fourth season worked incredibly hard to make us feel the intense chemistry between Maze and Lucifer's ex-lover, Eve.

Admittedly, Maze isn't a character that needs a love interest to be an interesting character, but after falling head over heels in love with Eve last season, we desperately hope the final season explores this relationship further and gives Maze the happy ending she deserves.

1 Dan Needs To Find Happiness

Dan hasn't had an easy time since Lucifer entered his life. Among other things, the detective has lost people he loves and almost lost his life on a number of different occasions, but things finally look good for the shows most "normal" character.

After his surprisingly perfect fling with Ella, Dan has a decent shot of walking away with a happy ending and with just a limited number of episodes left, we couldn't wish for a better way to say goodbye to Detective Douche.

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