Lucifer: All The Angels We've Met (& 5 We'll Meet In The Future)

What’s the best way to spice up your standard police procedural? You get the Devil himself in on the fun! Of course, with that, comes the rest of the Biblical - and Mike Carey - lore. Introduced during Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman comics, the Devil resigned from ruling Hell and took up a life on Earth, living amongst the humans of Los Angeles.

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Though the TV show vastly differs from the comics, the City of Angels lives up to its name. So far, we’ve met five (or five and a half including Charlie) angels. But what about the rest of them? We haven’t even met all of the archangels and barely skimmed the surface of angels from the comics. So who is most likely to show up in Season 5?

Here are all the angels from Lucifer we’ve met so far and 5 we’ll possibly meet in the future.

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10 Met: Lucifer

It’s the Devil himself! Even though he’s questionably fallen, he’s still an angel. After 4 seasons of back and forth with Chloe, therapy with Linda, and some hardcore denial finally being breached, Lucifer’s definitely in a different place than he was at the beginning of the series.

Major props to the writers and Tom Ellis for making us all sympathize with the Devil, essentially history’s first evil supervillain. Though the show differs greatly from the comics, it does carry forward the themes and characters Neil Gaiman - who introduced Lucifer in the Sandman comics - typically explores in his work.

9 Should Meet: Sandalphon

Another fallen angel, Sandalphon sided with Lucifer during the revolution against Heaven and ultimately defeated Michael. With Michael at his disposal, Sandalphon tried to create an army of angels to lead another assault on Heaven’s gates.

Out of any character introduced on the show, Dromos probably comes the closest in terms of motivations. It’d be hard to introduce Sandalphon this late in the game, especially with the foreshadowing of beautiful, perfect Lilith making an appearance in Season 5.

8 Met: Amenadiel

Introduced in the pilot episode, Amenadiel wound up worming his way into our hearts. He was never a bad guy, just stubborn, a little condescending, and very self-righteous. But we got to watch him go on some soul-searching and ultimately better himself.

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Also, the time powers are really cool. What’s great is that at first, Amenadiel would slow time to both not be seen by mortals and just because he could. At the end of Season 2, after losing those powers, he gets them back for a hot second and uses them not for himself, but to save a friend. Slowing time was truly a necessity. He hasn’t used the power since (hasn’t been able to) but we haven’t had a situation where he would need to again.

7 Should Meet: Meleos

Ah yes, Meleos, the creator of the tarot cards of the Basanos. His passion for art truly was his downfall, as the Basanos eventually broke free of Meleos’s control and almost destroyed the universe. Thanks, dude.

Admittedly, a magical tarot deck of doom might be a little too much for the show, but it would’ve been cool to see an expansion beyond the typical Biblical tropes.

6 Met: Uriel

The shortest-lived of the angels, Uriel was kind of a jerk. Seriously. He wasn’t even acting on God’s behalf when he descended from the Silver City. And stealing Azrael’s blade? What if she needed that?

But in the long run, it would’ve been fun to see more of Uriel and how his powers actually work. Also, please try to imagine Uriel with a mustache. Think about it.

5 Should Meet: Duma

The fun thing about the Lucifer comics and associated canon is that they incorporate elements outside of the Christian Bible. Duma has roots in Jewish mythology as the angel of silence. Within the Sandman and Lucifer mythos, Duma takes the key to Hell after Lucifer officially resigns.

It would’ve been cool to see or at least hear in passing that maybe Duma had been residing over a Lucifer-less Hell. But TV shows by design function better with fewer characters. So having that responsibility play into Amenadiel’s frustrations worked better in the long run.

4 Met: Azrael

Did anyone see this one coming? Let’s be real, we all believed in ghosts in the Lucifer universe. If demons and angels and Hell can exist, why not ghosts?

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What we got was arguably better. Quirky, hilarious, and surprisingly kind, it turns out that Azrael, or Rae-Rae, is Ella’s ghostly imaginary friend. And Azrael led Ella to Lucifer because she wanted them to be friends. Lucifer had a heart to heart with both of them and honestly, it was one of the sweetest things to happen on the show.

3 Should Meet: Michael

You’d think the guy who was told to kick Lucifer out of Heaven would’ve shown up by now, especially considering that in the comics, he has a larger role than Amenadiel. Oh well, we’re not complaining. D.B. Woodside is wonderful.

But the best thing about Michael and Lucifer’s relationship is that they don’t hate each other. In fact, they get along decently well. A common theme between them is that Lucifer will offer to team up and Michael usually refuses. It’d be nice to see another celestial besides Amenadiel and Azrael not villainize and after what happened in Season 4, get one more body on his side.

2 Met: Remiel

In keeping with the tradition of swapping up those gender roles, Remiel in the show is played by Vinessa Vidotto. Having her jump in during Season 4 helps give us perspective on how much Amenadiel changed since his introduction. Looking up to Amenadiel, Remiel seems to emulate his personality and views towards humanity - she even admits as much during her conversations with Amenadiel.

She’s described as stubborn and a great fighter, able to almost go toe-to-toe with Amenadiel. She is adamant about celestials not living among humans and hopefully, she’ll bring more of the angel siblings down to Earth in Season 5.

1 Should Meet: Elaine Belloc

Please. Please put Elaine in the show. In the comics, Elaine is introduced early on. Her first adventure sees her as a ghost whisperer of sorts, trying to solve the mystery of who killed her best friend, Mona Doyle. Like the true badass she is, she managed to hunt down the killer and not die in the process. During that incident, she met Lucifer and later learned that she was created by the archangel Michael.

It feels like there was a missed opportunity for the show with the new half-angel half-human baby being Charlie, but to be fair, Elaine is pure angel. Maybe she could be used to resolve the “no reported incidents of celestial babies” conflict.

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