Amazon Has Had 'Conversations' About Saving Lucifer

Although Lucifer recently got canceled by Fox, there is still hope that the series might find a new home somewhere else, with that new home potentially being Amazon. The company recently admitted that talks were ongoing about possibly picking up the canned show.

Lucifer, based on the comic book series of the same name, follows the adventures of Satan, who suddenly decides that he's not happy in Hell, so he moves to Los Angeles to take up life among mortals in order to better understand them. The series stars Tom Ellis in the titular role, and in spite of its recent cancellation, has an extremely loyal fanbase. Although the first season received mixed reviews from critics in spite of that fanbase, the following two seasons proved a hit with both fans and critics alike. That's why fans were so shocked when Fox canceled Lucifer, leading to a massive social media campaign to save it.

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It seems that Amazon was paying attention to those fans. In an interview with Deadline, Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke mentioned that there were talks about potentially picking up the series for its streaming service.

“We were talking about Lucifer. I’m not sure where we are on that. I know that international, especially the UK group, was really bullish on that show, I haven’t checked in on that today (Thursday), but I heard conversations were ongoing on that yesterday.”

Tom Ellis in Lucifer

That's certainly good news for fans who faced a season finale cliffhanger, though Fox did offer up two additional standalone episodes to make amends for their decision to let the series go. Although fans were grateful for the extra episodes, the #SaveLucifer social media campaign continued long after Fox announced that it would not pick the show up for a fourth season.

Amazon recently saved another show that ended up on the brutal chopping block of this year's cancellations. After Syfy announced the cancellation of the highly rated science fiction series The Expanse, Amazon announced that it would continue with the show, placing it on its own streaming subscription platform. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was a huge fan of the books and the TV series, so rumors surfaced early on that the dumped Syfy show would find its new home there.

This is a good sign that Amazon is paying attention to those fans who want to save Lucifer, as well as to their efforts in doing so. However, it seems that discussions are still in the early stages of saving the series, so although fans might want to get their hopes up a little, it's probably best to keep campaigning until Lucifer officially finds a new home.

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Source: Deadline

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