Lucifer: 5 Times Chloe Was A Good Friend (And 5 Times She Wasn't)

Throughout the four seasons of Lucifer thus-far, the relationship between its titular devilish character and the tough as nails police detective Chloe Decker has seen its fair share of ups and downs. To be completely fair, the situations they face together often take a turn for the strange - but as a friend to Lucifer and the others, Chloe has had her bad moments along with the good ones.

This list will include some major spoilers for the most recent Netflix season of Lucifer, so if you haven't binge-watched the ten new episodes yet, turn back now.

Here are some of the 5 times Chloe was a good friend (and 5 times she wasn't).

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5 Bad - Believing Father Kinley

When Chloe saw Lucifer's devil face at the end of season three, she was forced to confront all she thought she knew about the world. This confusion and angst lead to her traveling to Rome and meeting Father Kinley, who twists her loyalties against Lucifer.

It's hard to blame Chloe too much, as she feels lost after discovering the truth - but it's still tough to watch her sit there and believe some of the things that Father Kinley says.

4 Good - "I need the eggs"

By the premiere of season two, Chloe has seen a lot of strange things around Lucifer. She has questioned him, dug into his past and even listened to Amenadiel's convincing lie that Lucifer was crazy all along.

But, not ready to believe that Lucifer is crazy or that he may be the devil, Chloe decides to accept what she doesn't know and 'have faith' in Lucifer. She makes it clear that he is her friend and that this is the most important thing, amusingly comparing him to an old joke about a man whose brother thinks he's a chicken; in the end, the man accepts his brother because he 'needs the eggs' - and that's what Chloe decides to do here.

Bad - Lying to Maze

When Maze last saw Trixie, she hurt Trixie's feelings and has been dealing with the guilt ever since. Wanting to make amends, Maze finds Chloe after she has just come back from Rome in season four and asks after Trixie, who's not around. When Maze assumes that Trixie is avoiding her, Chloe lies and says this is true, upsetting Maze.

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In reality, Chloe is terrified about letting a known demon around her child - which may be understandable - but the way that Maze is clearly heartbroken hits us hard, and makes this scene another definite bad friend moment for Chloe.

Good - Going for drinks with the girls

Chloe Decker is many things - but laid back and casual is hardly one of them. Fiercely dedicated to her role in the force, the detective doesn't often take time off for herself, except when it comes to caring for her daughter, Trixie.

That's why it's so sweet when Chloe finally takes a night off in the episode "Lady Parts". Sure, there are moments when she continues trying to follow up on a case, but when she finally relaxes and lets her hair down, it shows that she truly does care and wants to spend time with her friends.

3 Bad - Walking out in Stewardess Interruptus

Lucifer and Chloe have a nice little moment at the beginning of this episode, where their romance is finally moving forward again. However, when a bubbly flight attendant called Jana interrupts this tender scene, Chloe immediately thinks the worst of Lucifer and doesn't give him a chance to explain the situation. After how much their relationship has grown at this point, it seems more than a little unfair to not stay and hear him out.

Good - Risking her life to #SaveLucifer

In the season four episode "Expire Erect", Chloe, Eve, Ella and Lucifer are trapped in Lux while Lucifer is bleeding from a gunshot wound. Oh, and the whole place is rigged with tonnes of explosives - so it's basically just another day in the office.

After grappling with her feelings around Lucifer and their crime-solving relationship, Chloe and Lucifer finally get some closure. Then, when it looks like the bomb is about to go off and Lucifer is right in the centre of it, Chloe flings herself on top of him - the devil, remember - to save his life. Thankfully the bomb is defused, but Chloe's willingness to sacrifice herself (even when she and Lucifer weren't together) is what makes her so great.

Bad - Shooting Lucifer in the leg

Early in season one, during a particularly stressful case, Lucifer pressures Chloe with the truth that he is the devil, but she is not willing to believe it. Continuing to force the issue, Lucifer eggs her on to shoot him to prove he is what he says he is.

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Unfortunately, Lucifer didn't know at this stage that being around Chloe made him vulnerable, so when she shoots him in the leg, he actually bleeds. Regardless of the fact that he asked her to or that she was starting to believe his story, Chloe should never have shot her co-worker. Not only did it hurt him, but she could have and should have been written up for it in the office.

2 Good - "That's not who you are"

In "Monster", Lucifer is dealing with an emotional downward spiral of guilt and self-loathing. He puts himself in the path of destruction and admits to Chloe that he was trying to get himself killed.

Proving that she really knows him, despite the fact that they have been at odds for most of the episode, Chloe shows that she still understands what drives him and what he's going through, saying that he isn't a monster like he thinks he is.

Bad - Attempting to drug Lucifer

Because Chloe fell in with Father Kinley over in Rome, she became embroiled into his scheme to expose Lucifer and exorcise him back to Hell.

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Though Chloe didn't believe some of the things the Father said, and ultimately rejected him altogether, the fact that she actually tried to give Lucifer the sedative that would make him vulnerable was upsetting for many fans.

1 Good - Accepting Lucifer's true self

By the end of season four, Lucifer and Chloe have both grown a lot and been through many obstacles together - both supernatural and mundane. When Lucifer banishes all the demons back to Hell in the finale, we see Chloe finally accept Lucifer completely for who he is - and it's adorable.

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