Lucha Underground Officially Returning for Season 4

Despite recent rumors of the program's demise, El Rey has renewed its unique wrestling show Lucha Underground for season 4, coming in 2018. While WWE is of course the biggest name in American professional wrestling, there are still other companies doing their best to provide quality in-ring entertainment. One of those companies is Lucha Underground, which debuted on the El Rey cable network in October of 2014.

Unlike most wrestling programs, Lucha Underground mostly dispenses with any illusions that the storylines are based in reality. Instead, Lucha Underground embraces its status as an episodic TV show, running in seasons - as opposed to year-round - and advancing its stories via film-like backstage segments that incorporate multiple camera angles, background music, and special effects. Additionally, Lucha Underground plays host to many colorful characters with supernatural backstories, including Mil Muertes, "The Monster" Matanza Cueto, and Drago.

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After a long mid-season delay, the second half of Lucha Underground's third season recently came to an end, culminating with the annual event Ultima Lucha. Ultima Lucha is essentially Lucha Underground's equivalent to WrestleMania, and wraps up the season's lingering feuds and story threads. Recently, rumors have been floating around that Lucha Underground wouldn't be coming back, due to lack of funding. However, those rumors appear to have been incorrect, as El Rey just officially announced that Lucha Underground will return for season 4 in 2018. Check out the announcement promo below.

— Lucha Underground (@LuchaElRey) November 10, 2017

The above promo features top Lucha Underground star Johnny Mundo - who once wrestled in WWE as John Morrison, and currently wrestles for Impact Wrestling as Johnny Impact - promising to take back what was once his, the Lucha Underground championship. Mundo held the title for much of season 3, after cheating to take the belt off of Lucha Underground's first female champion, Sexy Star. Unlike most American companies, Lucha Underground doesn't shy away from matches pitting men and women against each other.

Going into season 4, there are a lot of lingering questions to be answered. Will Lucha Underground boss Dario Cueto survive being shot in the season 3 finale? What horrifying use will Mil Muertes find for the powerful gauntlet that he beat Cage and Jeremiah Crane to win? Who will be the first challenger to new Lucha Underground champion Pentagon Dark, and have fans really seen the last of former champion Prince Puma? The answers will come in 2018.

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Lucha Underground season 4 premieres in 2018.

Source: El Rey

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