A remake of a 2006 British series of the same name, Low Winter Sun will soon be airing on AMC alongside other crime dramas such as The Killing and Breaking Bad. The series will track the tale of Detroit police detective Frank Agnew as he decides to murder another, dirtier cop for revenge. Convinced that he’s covered his tracks, Agnew is startled to find Internal Affairs sniffing at his trail. Faced with betrayal, Frank’s actions begin to spin out of control.

Mark Strong (Kick-Ass) heads Low Winter Sun‘s cast in the same role that he played in the original series. Lennie James (Jericho) co-stars as Strong’s partner-in-murder. The cast also includes Mark Costabile (Breaking Bad) and James Ransone (Generation Kill).

Low Winter Sun Mark Strong Low Winter Sun Trailer: AMC Tracks An Imperfect Murder

“I’m not a bad person,” Frank Agnew reassures himself during Low Winter Sun‘s first trailer. The repeated mantra reveals a character that’s notably morally divergent – even among AMC’s wide crop of drug dealers, corrupt cops, and sociopaths.

As played by the able Strong, Frank Agnew seems like he could be one of this year’s breakout characters.

That said, the initial set-up for Low Winter Sun doesn’t seem like it can support more than the ten episodes currently ordered. This may be exactly as intended – Low Winter Sun may be a lengthy-but-potent miniseries rather than something meant to last indefinitely. Hopefully it will maintain its pace and narrative cohesion better than previous series of its tone and genre.


Low Winter Sun will premiere on AMC in the summer of 2013.

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