15The Evil Dead (1981) - $350,000

Evil Dead 2 Ash

We've seen the premise before — a group of young college students go out to some cabin in the woods in search of fun, and instead they're killed off one by one. But when good friends Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell set out to make The Evil Dead with a small budget

of $350,000, they ended up with something truly special. Evil Dead seamlessly blended together various horror movie elements: suspense, atmosphere, and most importantly, lots (and lots) of blood. What made it really special however, were the really over-the-top moments that would range from terrifying to hysterical, at times feeling more satirical than scary.

Possibly even more impressive than the film itself was the filming process. Raimi improvised much of the low-budget production, choosing to film inside of an actual abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods and using his own bootlegged version of a steadicam, which involved mounting the camera on a piece of wood (or a bike). Evil Dead would go on to become a beloved film trilogy (and eventually a TV series), proving that sometimes, all it takes to make a classic on a shoestring budget is some courage and ingenuity.

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